Dutch Bros Stickers Guide 2022

Have you noticed the long queues at Dutch Bros stands at the beginning of every month? Well, it turns out that Dutch Bros stickers are always on demand and people queue from early morning to get their hands on the sticker of the month.

Collecting Dutch Bros stickers is an affordable hobby as you get them for free on stickers’ day after purchasing a drink.

In this blog post, we cover everything about DB stickers including the fun ways to flex them.

What are Dutch Bros Stickers?

Dutch Bros stickers are the physical equivalent of emojis. They are beautiful illustrations, images, and messages that inspire pride and brand loyalty. Dutch Bros releases a new sticker every month in what is known as ‘the sticker of the month’. There are also special stickers for special days such as the Drink One for Dane sticker.

The stickers are waterproof and fade-proof. Some stickers glow in the dark. Some of the themed stickers at DB include the pride month sticker and holiday sticker.

How Do You Get A Free Sticker From Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros gives a free sticker with every drink that you buy on the first Wednesday of the month and on special days such as Buck for Kids Day and Cold Brew Day. Every online drink order also gets a free sticker.

The stickers are available for a limited time and they are always on demand with long queues on stickers day.

Can You Buy Dutch Bros Stickers?

Although Dutch Bros does not sell its stickers, some collectors sell their stickers online. Some DB stickers sell for as low as $1 whereas rare vintage ones such as the vampire teeth Halloween sticker of 2017 fetch as much as $30 per sticker.

Some collectors offer to trade some stickers for different ones.

What is Dutch Bros’ Drink One for Dane?

The Drink One for Dane at Dutch Bros is an annual fundraiser that is held on the 20th of May to raise awareness and support for people suffering from ALS and to support the search for a cure for the disorder.

It is held in honor of Dane, the coffee chain’s co-founder, who succumbed to ALS. Some of the proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

The Drink One for Dane Day was first held in 2007.

The customers get a free Drink One for Dane sticker for every drink purchased on the 20th of May every year.

9 Exciting Ways to Display Your DB Stickers

1. A Stickers Journal or Scrapbook

Use your stickers to tell the story behind them. For example, people who live on the road may have a story for every sticker of the month. The sticker may be a reminder of the location where they collected it and their experience living in that location.

You may want to label the stickers by month and year as you continue collecting. As your collection gets bigger, it becomes difficult to recall the month when the sticker was collected.

You can also use a scrapbook to teach and nurture your kids to collect stickers.

2. Let Your Bumper Make a Statement

Display some stickers on your car and let the world know that you are loyal to Dutch Bros Coffee. The stickers can go on the bumper or on the rear window.

If you choose the rear window, bear in mind that the stickers are most visible on the driver’s side of the rear window. The sticker should not obstruct the rear wiper blade to avoid damage.

If you are “crazy” enough about the stickers, you can go the sticker bombing way which has been getting considerable buzz.

3. How about Some Colors on Your Guitar

Arrange your favorite stickers on the body of your guitar and on the case and let the stickers inspire you to make beautiful music as you pluck away.

4. Stickers on the Tumbler

Give some character to your travel mug or water bottle by sticking some Dutch Bros stickers on it. However, you may not want to overdo it. 2-3 stickers are enough.

5. Laptop Cover

Most companies are okay with their employees having laptop stickers. Furthermore, Dutch Bros stickers are not offensive. Stick them on top of your laptop cover and let them accompany you to school or the office.

Stickers on a laptop

6. Phone Case

DB stickers come in different sizes. Get a good size that will fit on the back of your phone case. There are also kids’ stickers for your child.

How about matching the stickers on your mobile cover with the general theme of the stickers on your laptop?

7. Fridge Door

The door of your fridge provides a sufficient surface area to stick your collectibles. There is enough room to mix and match Dutch Bros stickers with other stickers.

Whether it’s the fridge in your kitchen or in the trailer, give it a ‘face lift’ with a few stickers.

8. Sticker Board

If you do not want to move around with your stickers, get a nice sticker board with enough space to hold your stickers as you continue collecting them. You can make a stickers collage on the board or arrange them by month and year.

You can also get a toddlers’ sticker board for your kids and teach them to collect and display the stickers.

9. Skateboard

Dutch Bros stickers look super cool on a skateboard. The best place to stick them is on the underside of the duck without obstructing the wheels. You can use stickers to hide the scratched parts of the board.

You can also stick some on your helmet to match the skateboard.

Can You Get a Discount at Dutch Bros with a Sticker?

Yes, you are eligible for a $0.25 discount when you bring your own mug with a Dutch Bros sticker. The sticker does not have to be stuck on the mug. Although the barista may not accept your mug due to the Covid 19 protocol, they need to see both your mug and the sticker. Your drink is served in a regular Dutch Bros cup.

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What are the Stickers Rules at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros stickers policy dictates one sticker per drink on stickers day. However, some Dutch Bros’ stands give more than one sticker per drink on request whereas others give stickers for large drinks only.

Generally, if you ask politely, the baristas will give you more than one sticker.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros free sticker day is on the first Wednesday of every month. The coffee chain also gives free stickers on special days including the Buck for Kids Day.


Patrick is first a coffee lover and then a trained barista. His bucket list includes sky diving and sipping on Java in the Himalayas.

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