About Kahawa Planet

About Me

Hi, thank you for visiting this page to learn more about me. I am Patrick, the owner of kahawaplanet.com and I am beyond glad that you have visited this page.

How it all Started

My coffee journey started early in my preschool years: I grew up on a coffee farm in the highlands of Kenya. My first memories about coffee revolve around coffee harvesting days when my dad would piggyback me to the coffee farm.

He would show me around the bushes that were bent under the weight of the red cherries only to send my elder sister to take me back home. I reckon it was some kind of orientation but I hated going back home.

A few years later, I was allowed to join in the coffee harvesting. I didn’t do much but this was one of my proudest moments.

I have fond memories of the trips to the coffee factories where farmers from far and beyond converged to deliver their cherries. My friends and I would sneak into the factory installations to see the depulping process.

On sunny days I would sneak to the expansive coffee beds to join a neighbor who worked at the factory. The sheer sight of tons of green beans on the beds gave me a sense of pride; I felt that “my beans” were somewhere in there.

Why this Service?

My love for coffee came full circle a couple of years ago when I relocated from my country to join a leading coffee retailer. Although I knew a lot about coffee, I learned pretty fast that my knowledge was limited to the green coffee beans and a bit of home roasting.

It has been a wonderful journey of learning and getting to know about coffee beans from other parts of the World. My love and respect for coffee has multiplied.

This blog is a journey of sharing and discovering new information about coffee. I hope that we can all hold hands and learn together through our different experiences around the world.

Kahawa (Swahili for coffee) is extraordinary whether at the red cherry level, the roasted bean level, or even when you are sipping on your favorite Joe. How about the caffeine kick we all crave!

Kindly contact us here if you have questions or suggestions. We are in it together!