75+ Sugar-Free Drinks from Dutch Bros in 2022

Did you know that you can cut 70-130 calories from a Dutch Bros drink by swapping an ounce of sweetened flavors with a similar amount of sugar-free flavors? In fact, you can reduce over 500 calories in large blended drinks that get four ounces of flavors by simply ordering sugar-free flavors.

Dutch Bros syrups and sauces pack 70-100 calories and 100-130 calories per ounce respectively whereas their sugar-free syrups and sauces pack 0-5 calories per ounce.

What are the Sugar-Free Syrups at Dutch Bros Coffee?

Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups and sauces include caramel, dark chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, Irish cream, white chocolate, raspberry, coconut, strawberry, peach, and chocolate macadamia nut syrup. Dutch Bros also makes half-sweet, 1/4 sweet, and 3/4 sweet drinks on order by reducing the amount of syrup or sauce that goes into the beverages accordingly.

How Many Syrup Pumps in Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros uses a total of one ounce of flavored syrups and sauces in hot and iced chai and coffee drinks regardless of the size of the drink. For example, a white zombie latte (small, medium, or large) gets a total of one ounce of both the white chocolate sauce and vanilla syrup.

Dutch Bros teas get a total of one ounce, two ounces, and three ounces of syrups and sauces in small, medium, and large cups respectively.

Dutch lemonades get a combined one ounce of flavors for all drink sizes whereas the rebels get one ounce of flavors for both small and medium sizes and two ounces for the large size.

Dutch sodas, Dutch freeze, and Dutch frost get two ounces, three ounces, and four ounces of flavored syrups and sauces in the small, medium, and large cups respectively.

Dutch Bros Coffee uses a one-ounce scoop to measure the syrups and sauces. One Dutch Bros scoop is equivalent to two tablespoons or four syrup pumps.

What are the Sugar-Free Drinks at Dutch Bros?

Most Dutch Bros drinks can be ordered sugar-free including coffee drinks, teas, soda, rebel, lemonade, cocoa, and Dutch frost. However, Dutch Bros does not have sugar-free chai as it uses a presweetened chai mix. This means that Dutch chai with sugar-free flavors still has sugar from the sweetened chai mix.

Sugar-Free Coffee Drinks (Including Dutch Freeze)

Dutch Bros sugar-free coffee can be hot, iced, blended, or cold brew. This means you can order any of these flavors in a sugar-free Dutch freeze.

A sugar-free Dutch freeze is also called a carburetor as it deviates from the standard recipe and is made with your choice of milk and sugar-free flavors instead of the Dutch Bros freeze mix.

The sugar-free coffee flavors at Dutch Bros include

1. Annihilator

This creamy beverage has a nutty chocolatey flavor. It combines half and half, espresso, and sugar-free chocolate macadamia syrup.

2. Sugar-Free 9-1-1

This high-octane coffee drink has 280 mg of caffeine as it gets six espresso shots for all drink sizes. Suga-free 911 combines six shots of espresso, half and half, and sugar-free Irish cream syrup.

Dutch Bros 9-1-1 is one of the most caffeinated drinks from the coffee chain.

3. Caramelizer (Caramel Mocha)

Sugar-free caramelizer or caramel mocha blends sugar-free caramel and sugar-free chocolate with espresso and your choice of milk. It also gets sugar-free drizzles of caramel and chocolate.

4. Golden Eagle

The unsweetened golden eagle latte is a delicious fusion of half and half, espresso, and sugar-free vanilla and caramel syrups.

It gets a delicious whipped cream topping with drizzled sugar-free caramel.

5. Cocomo

Sugar-free Dutch cocomo gets sugar-free chocolate sauce and your choice of milk instead of chocolate milk. It also gets espresso and sugar-free coconut syrup.

6. Dutch Bros Kicker

The kicker is also known as the Irish creme breve as it combines breve, espresso, and sugar-free Irish cream syrup.

7. Doube Torture (Vanilla Mocha)

This vanilla mocha is made with sugar-free mocha sauce, sugar-free vanilla, espresso, and your choice of milk. It’s topped with whipped cream and sugar-free mocha drizzle

8. Snickers Latte

It’s one of the most sought-after secret flavors. It has sugar-free hazelnut and caramel syrups, sugar-free chocolate sauce, espresso, and milk.

See other snickers drinks at Dutch Bros Coffee.

9. White Zombie

The sugar-free white zombie latte is made with unsweetened white chocolate, unsweetened vanilla, milk, and espresso.

10. Wallaby

The sugar-free flavors in this drink are caramel, chocolate macadamia nuts, and dark chocolate. The flavors are combined with coffee and your choice of milk.

11. Tuxedo

Sugar-free white chocolate and dark chocolate sauces are combined with espresso and milk to make this rich chocolatey drink.

12. Cookie

Mimic the delicious flavor of cookies by ordering a sugar-free cookie latte that blends espresso, milk, unsweetened white chocolate, and unsweetened macadamia chocolate nuts syrup.

13. Trifecta

Dutch Bros trifecta latte is essential a tuxedo latte with caramel. A sugar-free trifecta gets three sugar-free flavors: caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate which are then mixed with espresso and milk.

14. Islander

The sugar-free flavors in the Islander latte are vanilla, coconut, and chocolate macadamia nuts syrup.

15. German Chocolate

The sugar-free German chocolate coffee drink gets espresso, milk, and sugar-free chocolate, coconut, and caramel flavors.

16. Americano

The Dutch Americano is an espresso drink that is diluted with hot water. You can order it with any sugar-free flavor or simply cut it with a splash of milk or cream to soften the flavor.

17. Dutch Canyon

The Dutch canyon coffee drink is flavored with a blend of sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, and white chocolate and drizzled with sugar-free caramel.

18. Nutty Irishman

As the name suggests, the nutty Irishman flavor combines a nutty syrup with Irish cream syrup. The nutty syrup is hazelnut.

A sugar-free nutty Irishman coffee drink combines coffee, milk, and sugar-free hazelnut and Irish cream syrups.

19. Dream Weaver

A sugar-free dream weaver latte has unsweetened hazelnut and white mocha flavors.

***All the coffee drinks or flavors discussed above can be ordered hot, iced, or blended (Dutch freeze).****

Sugar-Free Dutch Soda

Dutch Bros’ in-house carbonated water is non-caffeinated and sugar-free. This is the water that goes into sodas. Therefore, pairing this soda water with sugar-free flavors will give you a sugar-free soda. The sugar-free Dutch soda include

20. Pink Flamingo Soda

The sugar-free pink flamingo soda is a mix of ice, soda water, and sugar-free peach, white chocolate, and strawberry flavors. It has a creamy fruit flavor.

21. Tiger’s Blood Soda

The sugar-free tiger’s blood soda combines soda water, ice, and sugar-free strawberry and coconut syrups.

22. Peach Soda

It’s a simple fusion of sugar-free peach with soda water and ice.

23. Double Rainbro Soda

The sugar-free double rainbro soda combines three sugar-free fruity flavors: peach, coconut, and strawberry with soda water and ice.

24. Laser Cat Soda

The sugar-free coconut and raspberry flavors are mixed with Dutch soda water and ice to make a mouthwatering sugar-free laser cat soda.

Sugar-Free Teas

Dutch Bros tea is made with unsweetened black tea or organic green tea. Pair it with sugar-free flavors for delicious sugar-free tea. You can order it hot or iced.

25. Peach Black Tea

Sugar-free peach black tea combines Paris black tea with sugar-free peach syrup.

26. Laser Cat Black Tea

The sugar-free laser cat tea combines black tea with sugar-free coconut and raspberry flavors.

27. Strawberry Black Tea

Ask for sugar-free strawberry syrup in black tea for a sugar-free strawberry tea.

28. Double Rainbro Green Tea

The double rainbro flavor pairs better with green tea than black tea. Sugar-free double rainbro green tea combines brewed green tea and sugar-free peach, coconut, and strawberry syrups.

Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drinks

The Dutch Bros rebel drinks are infused with a sugar-free energy drink also known as a rebel. A can of Dutch Bros rebel energy drink has about 10 mg of caffeine per ounce. The sugar-free Dutch Bros rebel drinks include

29. Laser Cat Rebel

The sugar-free laser cat rebel combines sugar-free raspberry and coconut flavors, ice, and the rebel energy drink.

30. Pink Flamingo Rebel

The sugar-free flavors in this drink are white chocolate sauce, strawberry, and peach. They are mixed with ice and energy drink.

31. Double Rainbro Rebel

The sugar-free double rainbro rebel drink is infused with sugar-free peach, coconut, and strawberry syrups.

32. Peach Rebel

This energy drink is infused with a sugar-free peach flavor.

33. Strawberry Rebel

It’s a strawberry-infused energy drink but the strawberry is sugar-free.

Sugar-Free Dutch Frost Drinks

When you order a sugar-free Dutch frost, the barista uses kick-me milk which is breve or half and half instead of the standard ice cream mix that goes into regular Dutch frosts. You can also choose a different milk option if you do not prefer the kick-me milk.

These drinks don’t have coffee. The sugar-free Dutch frost flavors include

34. Vanilla Bean Dutch Frost

Dutch Bros sugar-free vanilla bean frost is a blended mix of sugar-free vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut flavors, milk, and ice.

Dutch Bros vanilla bean flavor is also called toasted mellow or campout flavor.

35. Wallaby Dutch Frost

This sugar-free frost is made with milk, ice, and sugar-free dark chocolate, caramel, and chocolate macadamia nut flavors.

36. White Angel

The sugar-free white angle is a blended combination of sugar-free coconut, vanilla, and white chocolate flavors, ice, and milk.

37. French Vanilla Bean Dutch Frost

It is flavored with sugar-free vanilla and caramel syrups.

38. Peach Cobbler

The sugar-free peach cobbler Dutch frost gets sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, and peach flavors.

39. Sugar-Free White Chocolate Dutch Frost

The drink is made with sugar-free white chocolate sauce

40. Tuxedo

Some people call this flavor the black and white Dutch frost as it combines sugar-free white and dark chocolate sauces.

41. Cookie

It is made with sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut and white chocolate flavors

42. Dutch Canyon

When you order a sugar-free Dutch canyon frost, the barista uses sugar-free white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nuts, and dark chocolate flavor. The caramel drizzle is also sugar-free.

43. Snickers

The sugar-free snickers Dutch frost is flavored with sugar-free dark chocolate, sugar-free caramel, and sugar-free hazelnut.

44. White Zombie

It combines sugar-free vanilla and white chocolate flavors.

45. Caramelizer

A sugar-free caramelizer Dutch frost gets sugar-free caramel and dark chocolate flavors, milk, and ice.

46. Pink Flamingo

The pink flamingo is one of the best fruity milkshakes that can be ordered sugar-free. It gets sugar-free peach, strawberry, and white chocolate flavors.

47. Sugar-Free Trifecta Dutch Frost

It has sugar-free caramel, sugar-free dark chocolate, and sugar-free white chocolate sauce.

51. German Chocolate

The sugar-free flavors in a sugar-free German chocolate Dutch frost are coconut, caramel, and dark chocolate.

52. Islander

If you love nutty milkshakes, you may consider ordering a sugar-free islander Dutch frost that is flavored with sugar-free chocolate macadamia nuts, coconut, and vanilla syrups.

53. Laser Cat

The flavors in it are sugar-free coconut and raspberry.

54. Strawberry Dutch Frost

As the name suggests, it is flavored with sugar-free strawberry syrup.

55. Strawberry Crunch

The sugar-free strawberry crunch Dutch frost gets sugar-free strawberry and hazelnut syrups.

56. Nutty Irishman

The sugar-free nutty Irishman frost has sugar-free hazelnut, sugar-free Irish cream, ice, and milk.

57. Dream Weaver

The unsweetened dream weaver frost is flavored with sugar-free white chocolate sauce and sugar-free hazelnut.

Sugar-Free Dutch Cocoa

Dutch Bros makes sugar-free cocoa with milk, sugar-free dark chocolate, and other sugar-free flavors of your choice. The drink can be hot or blended. The drizzles are also sugar-free.

Let’s look at the sugar-free cocoa drinks that are available at Dutch Bros coffee.

58. Sugar-free Caramel Dutch Cocoa

It’s a blend of milk, sugar-free chocolate, and sugar-free caramel.

59. Sugar-Free Vanilla Dutch Cocoa

It gets sugar-free vanilla syrup.

60. Sugar-Free Tuxedo Dutch Cocoa

It gets sugar-free dark and white chocolate sauces.

61. Sugar-Free Dutch Canyon Cocoa

It gets a triple chocolate flavor of sugar-free white chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate macadamia nut flavors. The drizzled caramel is also sugar-free.

62. White Zombie

A sugar-free white zombie Dutch cocoa blends milk, sugar-free dark chocolate, sugar-free white chocolate, and sugar-free vanilla.

63. Cookie

The flavors in a sugar-free cookie hot cocoa are sugar-free dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate macadamia nut. These flavors are steamed with milk to make delicious hot cocoa.

64. Sugar-Free White Chocolate Cocoa

It is essentially milk with sugar-free dark and white chocolate sauces.

65. Trifecta

A sugar-free trifecta cocoa drink is made with milk, sugar-free white and chocolate sauces, and sugar-free caramel.

66. Vanilla Bean or Toasted Mellow

This sugar-free cocoa combines milk, sugar-free dark chocolate, sugar-free vanilla, and sugar-free macadamia nuts.

67. Sugar-Free French Vanilla Bean Cocoa

It is a blend of unsweetened dark mocha sauce, sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free caramel, and milk.

68. Islander

The sugar-free islander is flavored with sugar-free chocolate, vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut, and coconut.

69. Snickers

Since sugar-free Dutch cocoa is made with milk and darker chocolate, when you add sugar-free hazelnut and caramel flavors to it you get a sugar-free snickers cocoa.

70. White Angel

To make a sugar-free white angel Dutch cocoa, the barista mixes milk, and sugar-free coconut, vanilla, dark chocolate, and white chocolate flavors, ice, and milk

71. Wallaby

Sugar-free wallaby Dutch cocoa combines milk and sugar-free dark chocolate, caramel, and chocolate macadamia nut flavors.

72. German Chocolate

Sugar-free caramel and coconut flavors are added to milk and unsweetened dark chocolate to make sugar-free German chocolate cocoa.

Sugar-Free Dutch Lemonades

73. Sugar-Free Tiger’s Blood Lemonade

It combines sugar-free coconut and strawberry flavors and unsweetened lemon juice.

74. Sugar-Free Strawberry Lemonade

It’s a blend of sugar-free strawberry syrup and unsweetened lemon juice.

75. Sugar-Free Peach Lemonade Tea

Tea and lemonade pair superbly especially when flavored with peach. You can order sugar-free peach lemonade with black tea and green tea.

76. Sugar-Free Double Rainbro Lemonade

The flavors in it are unsweetened lemon juice and sugar-free coconut, peach, and strawberry flavors.

77. Sugar-Free Laser Cat Lemonade

It’s a blend of sugar-free lemon juice, sugar-free raspberry, and sugar-free coconut.

See the best lemonades from Dutch Bros.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros coffee has an extensive menu of sugar-free beverages except for chai drinks as they are made with a presweetened chai mix. DB sugar-free beverages are made with sugar-free flavors and unsweetened milk options.

Dutch Bros sugar-free flavors include hazelnut, peach, vanilla, caramel, coconut, raspberry, strawberry, Irish cream, chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, and white chocolate sauce.


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