6 Tantalizing Sonic Iced Coffee Drinks

Did you know that some Sonic stores have an early morning Happy Hour or early morning drink stop before 10 am where a large coffee drink sells at $1.50 only? The offer applies to large drinks only.

Some stores have an early morning drink stop every day whereas some other stores bring the offer back every few months. You may want to check with your nearest Sonic Drive-in store and take advantage of this crazy offer.

Although Sonic is not known for coffee, it offers delicious flavors of iced coffee. There are three reasons why Sonic iced coffee is so delicious

  • It is made with smooth cold brew concentrate from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • It uses sweet cream which is actually a vanilla ice cream mix hence the tantalizing creamy flavor of Sonic iced coffee
  • It uses Sonic’s signature chewable nugget ice. Nothing goes to waste as after drinking the coffee you can chew the ice pebbles at the bottom of the cup

The sizes for Sonic iced coffee are small (14 oz), medium (20 oz), large (32 oz), and rt 44 (44 oz).

Best Sonic Iced Coffee Drinks

Although Sonic’s online ice coffee menu offers two iced coffee flavors only, there are other flavors that you can order in person at a Sonic Drive-in stall.

Some Sonic stores premix cold brew concentrate with water and cream in pitchers or large bubblers such that when you order cold brew coffee, the barista adds ice and flavor to a cup and then pours the premixed cold brew coffee into the cup.

Sonic mixes three parts of water with one part of sweet cream when diluting the cold brew concentrate. The signature chewable Sonic ice is added to the cold brew to make iced coffee.

1. French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee

It’s the most popular iced coffee flavor at Sonic. It’s a mix of sweet cream, water, cold brew coffee concentrate, and nugget ice.

French vanilla gives the coffee a smooth custardy edge.

The chart below shows the nutrition facts of Sonic French vanilla cold brew iced coffee.

Small (14 oz)Medium (20 oz)Large (32 oz)RT 44 (44 oz)
Carbohydrates22 g49 g65 g90 g
Total Sugars17 g25 g39 g54 g
Protein4 g5 g 8 g11 g
Total Fat9 g13 g20 g27 g
French vanilla cold brew iced coffee nutrition

2. Chocolate Cold Brew Iced Coffee

You can only order a chocolate cold brew iced coffee at Sonic physically at a store as it’s not available on the mobile app menu.

It is a mix of chocolate sauce, cold brew concentrate, water, sweet cream, and ice. It is topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

This drink is actually a cold brew mocha. It is mildly sweet and a great choice when you want more flavor than sweetness.

Agitate the chocolate sauce to mix it into the drink as sauces tend to settle at the base of the cup in cold drinks.

3. Caramel Cheesecake Cold Brew Iced Coffee (Secret Drink)

The cheesecake syrup at Sonic is so delicious in iced coffee. It tastes like dulce de leche cheesecake as it mixes with vanilla-flavored sweet cream. When ordered together with caramel, it’s elevated to a whole new level.

The cheesecake syrup goes into the coffee drink whereas caramel ribbons are drizzled inside the cup and on top of the drink.

Ask the carhop to mix the cheesecake syrup properly with the coffee.

4. Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee

This is a creamy cold brew coffee that is made with coffee syrup, water, and a splash of ice cream mix. It has a creamy finish and has no extra sweetener or flavor apart from the vanilla in the cream. It’s a great choice as compared to the other sugar bombs from Sonic.

SmallMediumLargeRT 44
Carbohydrates20 g32 g50 g70 g
Total Sugars12 g17 g26 g37 g
Protein4 g5 g8 g11 g
Total Fat9 g13 g20 g27 g
Sonic original cold brew iced coffee calories

5. French Vanilla Chocolate Iced Coffee Twist

Although Sonic no longer officially offers the cold brew coffee iced twists from a few years ago, you can still order these delicious drinks at the stores. The “twist” is in the form of a flavored sauce which is drizzled in the cup and on whipped cream at the top.

Therefore, the French vanilla chocolate twist is a mix of cold brew concentrate, ice, French vanilla syrup, water, and a splash of sweet cream. It is topped with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate. The cup also gets chocolate stripes.

The chocolate sauce adds about 40 calories to the drink.

How to order: Start with the size of the cup and ask for French vanilla cold brew iced coffee with chocolate drizzle.

6. French Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee Twist

It’s Sonic’s regular French vanilla cold brew iced coffee with drizzled caramel in the cup and on the drink. Caramel drizzle adds 70-90 calories to the drink.

How to order: “Can I get a large French vanilla cold brew iced coffee with caramel drizzle?”

Final Thoughts

Sonic iced coffee is extra creamy and delicious because it gets a sweet cream that is actually a vanilla ice cream mix. The iced coffee is made with cold brew concentrate and not espresso.

The ice coffee flavors at Sonic include French vanilla, caramel cheesecake, chocolate, original, French vanilla chocolate twist, and French vanilla caramel twist.

For a thick frozen coffee drink, see the Espresso milkshake from Sonic.


Patrick is first a coffee lover and then a trained barista. His bucket list includes sky diving and sipping on Java in the Himalayas.

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