13 Best Sonic Slush Flavors in 2022

Have you ever wondered why Sonic customers are always gushing over sonic slushes? Sonic offers delicious slushes that can be ordered as a simple mix of frozen slush base and flavor or amped up with add-ins such as cream, Powerade, red bull, lime, or lemonade.

Powerade, red bull, lime, and lemonade can also be ordered as slushes on their own with no extra add-ins.

All Sonic slushes have sugar as the slush mix or base syrup is essentially a mix of sugar, water, and preservatives. The cream slushes are made with an ice cream mix, fruit flavor, and slush base syrup.

If you want a slush with less sugar, go for a slush with sugar-free flavored syrup. Sonic sugar-free syrups include diet cherry, mango, peach, raspberry, and blackberry.

The calories in plain Sonic slushes before adding any flavor or add-ins are 180, 240, 380, and 540 calories for the small (14 oz), medium (20 oz), large (32 oz), and rt 44 (44 oz) slush sizes respectively.

This article covers the most mouthwatering slush flavors and how to order them.

Best Sonic Slush Flavors

Sonic slushes are runny enough to drink using a straw. Some people prefer freezing the slushes at home and eating them like snow cones. Here are the best flavors that you should try.

1. Strawberry Cream Slush (Secret Menu)

Sonic cream slushes are not on the menu but can still be ordered at the stand. The strawberry cream slush is a blend of frozen slush mix, real strawberries, Splenda, and an ice cream mix. Request ice cream topping to make this cream slush more indulgent.

The ice cream mix is the same mix that is used in Sonic milkshakes.

This slush gets Splenda because it uses real strawberries and not strawberry syrup

To order a strawberry cream slush, ask for a strawberry slush with ice cream.

2. Blue Coconut With Real Strawberries

This is a befitting summer drink that blends ice, slush mix, blue coconut syrup, and real strawberries.

It is the perfect drink when sunbathing by the poolside or at the beach.

3. Cherry Limeade Slush

The cherry limeade slush is a popular classic that combines cherry syrup, slush mix, and lime syrup. It also gets cherry fruit and lime slices in the cup.

4. Ocean Water Nerds Candy Slush (Secret Drink)

Sonic ocean water slush combines blue coconut syrup, sprite, and slush base. Crunchy nerds candies are sprinkled on top of the drink to bring back your childhood memories.

The ocean water slush was removed from the Sonic drinks menu a few years ago but its ingredients are still available in all stores.

To order an ocean water slush at Sonic in 2022, ask for a blue coconut slush with sprite.

5. Blue Coconut Cream Slush

This is a creamy take on the original blue coconut slush. It is a mix of Sonic slush base, ice cream mix, and blue coconut syrup. Don’t forget to ask for an ice cream topping to further enrich this marvelous treat.

6. Lemon Berry Slush (Secret Menu)

The lemon berry slush is another flavor that is no longer on the menu. The best way to order it is by asking for a lemonade slush with strawberries. You can add blackberry flavor as well for a richer berry flavor.

7. Red Bull Slush

Although sonic markets the red bull-infused slushes as summer drinks, these energizing slushes can be ordered any time of the year. However, they are not offered to kids as red bull is not recommended for them.

The red bull slush is delicious on its own as a mix of red bull and the frozen slush base but you can also add flavors such as cranberry, blue coconut, or grape for a fruity edge.

8. Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush

This slush is made with Powerade mountain berry blast sports drink and slush syrup. This drink is offered to both kids and adults.

This drink aids your recovery and helps you to regain the calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium that you lose from sweating.

Why drink a plain mountain berry blast when you can have it as a mouthwatering slush?

9. Raspberry Peach Limeade Slush

It is a mix of sugar-free raspberry and peach flavors, Splenda, lime syrup, and slush base syrup. The raspberry peach limeade has a sweet, aromatic, and mildly tart taste.

If you prefer your slushes to be on the sour end of things, ask for fresh lime juice instead of lime syrup.

12. Grape Slush

It’s a mix of grape flavor and frozen slush base. You can add nerds candy to make it crunchy.

11. Nerds Candy Mango Slush

The nerds candy mango slush is a tropical drink that combines sugar-free mango flavor, frozen slush base, Splenda, and nerds candy.

12. Blue Raspberry

The blue raspberry slush combines the blue raspberry flavor with icy base syrup. It has a sweet and slightly tangy berry flavor.

13. Cranberry Slush

It’s a blend of Minute Maid cranberry juice and Sonic frozen slush base syrup. The cranberry juice adds some “Zing” to the icy slush syrup.

Sonic cranberry slush has deliciously sweet and has some sour notes.

FAQs About Sonic Slushes

What is the Difference Between Sonic Lime and Limeade?

Sonic lime is made with freshly squeezed lime fruit whereas limeade means sweetened lime syrup. Therefore, lime is very sour whereas limeade is already cut with sugar. A lime slush has a sour taste as compared to the sweeter limeade slush.

However, Sonic has gradually been phasing out fresh lime juice to lime syrup or limeade so be sure to ask if they have fresh lime if that’s what you intend to order.


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