27 Starbucks Syrups Ranked (Including Seasonal Flavors)

How many drink flavors from Starbucks have you tried and what’s your favorite syrup? Well, Starbucks offers over two dozen flavored and neutral syrups that you can try with coffee and noncoffee drinks.

This article discusses 27 Starbucks syrups and sauces that you can add to your drink. We rank the syrups from the best to the underwhelming!

Starbucks Syrups Flavors (Best to the not so Good)

Here is a ranking list of Starbucks syrups.

  1. Toffee nut
  2. Vanilla
  3. White mocha
  4. Pumpkin spice sauce
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Classic
  7. Mocha
  8. Raspberry
  9. Cinnamon dolce
  10. Peppermint
  11. Hazelnut
  12. Liquid cane sugar
  13. Irish cream
  14. Dark caramel
  15. Chestnut praline
  16. Sugar-free vanilla
  17. Toasted white chocolate
  18. Caramel Brulee
  19. Chai syrup
  20. Caramel syrup
  21. Pistachio
  22. Funnel cake
  23. Strawberry puree sauce
  24. Apple brown sugar
  25. Toasted vanilla
  26. Honey blend
  27. Sugar cookie

1. Toffee Nut

Toffee nut is one of the most sought-after flavored syrups at Starbucks. It’s a holiday syrup with a caramel-y flavor. You can use toffee nut with any milk but it pairs better with nut milk.

Toffee nut pairs superbly with white mocha sauce, brown sugar, mocha, caramel, and chai. Apparently, Starbucks toffee nut syrup has no nuts. However, if you have a nut allergy, you may want to confirm this before ordering a drink with toffee.

Whether you want it in hot coffee, frappuccino, or cold coffee, toffee nut is a favorite for most customers.

2. Vanilla

What’s Starbucks without vanilla? Starbucks uses vanilla in whipped cream and sweet cold foam so if you love these toppings, you are already having vanilla in your drink.

Vanilla syrup is the default flavor in Starbucks specialty cold brew drinks such as vanilla sweet cream cold brew and salted caramel sweet cream cold brew.

Vanilla is a classic flavor and is a safe choice when you are not sure of what to order. You can order almost any drink with vanilla and it will taste great.

3. White Mocha Sauce

If you are a sweet tooth and you have not tried white mocha, you are missing out on a lot of its delicious goodness. White mocha tastes nothing like regular mocha and has no caffeine. It has a sweet, buttery flavor like condensed milk.

White mocha sauce probably has the highest calories among Starbucks flavors with one pump packing about 47 calories.

The white mocha sauce combines well with any flavor. You can also swap any syrup or sauce with white mocha except when you want a white chocolate drink.

4. Pumpkin Spice Sauce

What’s fall without a pumpkin spice drink? Since Starbucks introduced pumpkin spice sauce, it has developed a huge menu of pumpkin drinks as customers can’t get enough of this autumnal flavor.

Pumpkin spice sauce literally flies off the shelves when it is in season.

5. Brown Sugar Syrup

Starbucks brown sugar is great in cold coffee drinks and iced teas. Its pairs well with nut syrups like hazelnut and toffee nut and also with vanilla, white mocha, and cinnamon dolce.

Brown sugar syrup and oat milk pair perfectly in iced teas and iced coffees with milk. Try brown sugar with toffee nut in your iced lattes and you are likely to stick to this drink for the rest of the summer.

6. Classic Syrup

The classic syrup from Starbucks adds no flavor to your drink so it’s a great choice when you want to taste straight-sweetened coffee or tea without adding flavors.

Classic is great in black coffee and black tea. You can pair classic with any syrup as it only adds sweetness without altering the flavor of the drink.

Like vanilla, the classic syrup is a safe choice when you are not sure of what sweetener to use in a drink.

Here is a separate article about how to make classic syrup.

7. Mocha Sauce

Mocha is, actually, a sauce. It’s a favorite choice for lovers of chocolate beverages. Mocha is bittersweet and caffeinated. Starbucks mocha comes in dark chocolate powder form which the baristas mix with water to make the sauce.

If you are a sweet tooth, you may want to add classic syrup or vanilla when ordering a drink with mocha.

Mocha sauce is also a popular drizzle at Starbucks. See the complete list of mouthwatering drink toppings from Starbucks.

8. Raspberry Syrup

Raspberry syrup tastes like candy. It’s very strong so you may want to be careful with it because, if you add too much of it, it can overpower the other flavors in your drink.

Raspberry syrup is great in refreshers, passion tea, and drinks with lemonade. It is also a great flavor to infuse in cold foam for cold drinks.

Raspberry pairs well with white mocha sauce.

9. Cinnamon Dolce

Cinnamon dolce has the deliciousness of a churro drink. You can use it alone in lattes or combine it with other flavors such as white mocha to create a snickerdoodle flavor.

Cinnamon dolce is also great in chai drinks. It is the primary syrup in a caramel apple spice juice drink.

10. Peppermint Syrup

Peppermint is a core flavor at Starbucks so it’s available throughout the year despite starting out as a holiday flavor. Peppermint is delicious in cold matcha drinks, white mocha drinks, and Jade citrus tea.

For syrup combos, you can combine peppermint with raspberry, cinnamon dolce, or vanilla.

11. Hazelnut Syrup

Hazelnut is one of those syrups that are not great on their own. We recommend ordering hazelnut with vanilla to remove the hazelnut aftertaste. The combination of vanilla and hazelnut syrups creates a whole new flavor that tastes like French vanilla.

See our post about French vanilla.

12. Liquid Cane Sugar

Previously, Starbucks used liquid cane sugar as the default syrup in iced teas but this is no longer the case as iced teas are currently unsweetened unless you add a sweetener when ordering.

Liquid cane sugar is less sweet than classic syrup and it tastes almost like sugar in the raw. It is superb in iced tea drinks and iced coffees as its sweetness is not overpowering.

13. Irish Cream

Irish cream syrup is a Christmas flavor although some stores may still have it in stock up to around February.

Irish cream syrup mostly goes into the Irish cream cold brew drink. It’s not a popular flavor but it’s delicious in cold brew.

14. Dark Caramel Sauce

Did you know that Starbucks has three caramel flavors: caramel syrup, caramel drizzle, and dark caramel? Most customers are unaware that Starbucks has a dark caramel sauce because there isn’t a specific drink that uses it.

Read our full guide to the best caramel drinks to order from Starbucks.

Dark caramel has a richer caramel flavor than the drizzle. It is superior to caramel syrup and it’s not even close! Dark caramel pairs well with toffee nut or vanilla. It is also great in Caffe Americano.

You may want to request the barista to melt dark caramel sauce before adding it to your drink so that it can mix properly.

15. Chestnut Praline

Chestnut Praline syrup is one of the best festive season flavors. Fortunately, this syrup has more flavor than sweetness. It will remind you about cheerios or Golden Grahams.

When ordering a drink with chestnut praline as the only flavor, ask for extra pumps of this syrup to increase its sweetness if you have a sweet tooth.

Chestnut Praline gels well with nut syrups such as toffee nut and nut milk such as oat milk, almond, and coconut.

16. Sugar-Free Vanilla

Since the discontinuation of the other Starbucks sugar-free syrups, sugar-free vanilla has been one of the best-selling syrups. Despite having no calories, it is sweet. You can substitute regular vanilla or any syrup with sugar-free vanilla for a healthier drink.

Read this detailed guide to Starbucks sugar-free syrup.

17. Toasted White Mocha Sauce

We know that white mocha is great, toasted white mocha is even better if you like roasted marshmallows and it’s caffeine-free.

It is not as sweet as the white mocha sauce. Try toasted white mocha sauce with toffee nut and oat milk in your drink and you will be surprised at how deliciously nutty it can get.

18. Caramel Brulee Sauce

Caramel Brulee is a winter holiday flavor. It is sweeter and richer than regular caramel. It is yummy in drinks with oat milk or soy milk.

19. Chai Syrup

Most people know chai concentrate as simply a syrup that you mix with water to make a chai drink. Interestingly, chai syrup is actually a flavor that you can add to your drink the same way you add other syrups, sauces, or even espresso.

Although chai syrup is mostly used in chai lattes, you can add it to other drinks to add some pizzazz. For example, apple chai. You can also use it in cold foam. Chai cold foam is a popular cold foam flavor among iced chai lovers.

Normally, people order a dirty chai latte as an iced chai latte with espresso which attracts individual upcharges for espresso shots. Instead, order a latte of your choice flavor and add pumps of chai concentrate to it which is a single upcharge.

Chai syrup is presweetened and has 45mg of caffeine per serving.

20. Caramel Syrup

Caramel syrup is one of the least ordered syrups not only at Starbucks but at other coffee shops as well. Its flavor is inferior to caramel sauce. We recommend toffee nut or dark caramel instead of caramel syrup.

21. Pistachio Sauce

This is a seasonal sauce that comes out in winter. We recommend a pistachio latte with toffee nut and oat milk. For pistachio baklava and macaron lovers, you will love this drink.

Pistachio-infused cold foam is great on iced coffees with nut syrups such as cold brew with toffee nut, iced toffee nut latte, and iced chestnut praline latte.

22. Funnel Cake Syrup

Starbucks introduced the funnel cake frappuccino as a Summer special but it was one of those experiments that haven’t gone quite well. Fortunately, will show you the best flavors to pair with funnel cake syrup to enjoy it better.

Funnel cake syrup is too sweet and it does not pair well with frap roast in the standard funnel cake coffee frappuccino.

Funnel cake creme frappuccino tastes way better with vanilla bean powder and extra strawberry puree or chai syrup instead of strawberry.

It also pairs well with white mocha and brown sugar. For a funnel cake latte, add funnel cake and brown sugar syrups, espresso, and oat milk.

Clearly, funnel cake syrup is one of those syrups that need other flavors to make it drinkable.

23. Strawberry Puree

This is our surprise addition that deserves a place on this list. Most people rarely use strawberry puree except in refreshers and blended drinks.

Strawberry puree is a versatile sauce that can go into a cold foam topping for iced coffees, iced teas, and refreshers.

Read this exhaustive list of the best strawberry drinks at Starbucks to see the different ways of adding strawberry puree to a drink.

24. Apple Brown Sugar

Apple brown sugar is a fall syrup. It is not that sweet so you are likely to fancy it if you don’t like a lot of the sweet stuff from Starbucks. Try apple brown sugar syrup with espresso and heavy cream or in a chai drink.

25. Sugar Cookie Syrup

Sugar cookie syrup is another holiday flavor that needs other syrups to improve its taste. It pairs better with oat milk and brown sugar than with other milk choices.

You can also pair the sugar cookie syrup with vanilla or white mocha in your drink to mask its taste.

26. Toasted Vanilla

Starbucks added toasted vanilla to its syrup offerings in the spring of 2022. It is better in cold drinks with chai or coffee which accentuates its sweetness than in hot drinks. Oat milk is a better milk choice to pair with toasted vanilla.

27. Honey Blend

The honey blend is, surprisingly, bitter and sour, unlike regular honey. Starbucks honey blend is a syrup whereas their regular honey comes in packets.

The honey blend syrup is mostly honey with added sugar and preservatives. It is specially formulated to dissolve smoothly in beverages.

Unfortunately, its smell and taste are not that great.


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