25 Starbucks Strawberry Drinks to Try this Summer

Starbucks strawberry drinks

Strawberries are one of the healthiest fruits as they are packed with fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium. Apart from their nutritional value, strawberries are excellent in cold drinks as they add an enticing bright red and pink color.

A cold strawberry drink may be just what you need to cool yourself down on a hot afternoon. Starbucks has a variety of strawberry drinks ranging from caffeinated to zero caffeine options that are great for quenching your thirst.

In this post, we look at delicious strawberry drinks from Starbucks and how to order the off-menu strawberry drinks. We also explain the different ways of adding strawberries to your drink.

Here are the 25 Starbucks strawberry drinks at a glance.

  1. Pink drink or strawberry coconut drink
  2. Pink drink with cold foam
  3. Strawberry mango refresher
  4. Strawberry Acai refresher
  5. Strawberry Acai lemonade refresher
  6. Neapolitan Refresher
  7. Strawberry sunset drink
  8. Pink starburst
  9. Black tea lemonade with strawberry puree
  10. Strawberry Acai lemonade with black iced tea
  11. Strawberry Acai lemonade with iced green tea
  12. Strawberry refresher with matcha
  13. Pink drink with matcha cold foam
  14. Chocolate-covered strawberry pink drink
  15. Iced peach green tea with strawberry puree and apple juice
  16. Strawberry cold brew
  17. Chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew
  18. Iced strawberry latte
  19. Blended strawberry lemonade
  20. Strawberry creme frappuccino
  21. Strawberry funnel cake frappuccino
  22. Neapolitan frappuccino
  23. Chocolate-covered strawberry frappuccino
  24. Dirty strawberry frappuccino
  25. Santa Claus frappuccino

Let’s look at these pretty drinks in detail.

1. Pink Drink

Starbucks’ pink drink is probably the most popular strawberry drink. It is also called the strawberry coconut drink. The drink has a creamy, fruity taste and is great for any time of the year.

For the pink drink, strawberry Acai base is added over ice and diluted with coconut milk. Dehydrated strawberries are added to increase the fruity bite.

For a bigger fruity edge to your pink drink, you can add strawberry puree and raspberry syrup to it.

2. Pink Drink with Sweet Cream Cold Foam

If you like a sweet, foamy topping on the pink drink, simply ask for Starbucks’ signature sweet cream cold foam topping when placing your order.

Although the cold foam is sweetened with vanilla, it does not overly sweeten your drink. Try adding other flavors of cold foams when in the mood for something new and see which one you like better on your pink drink.

3. Strawberry Mango Refresher

The strawberry mango refresher combines strawberry Acai, water, ice, and mango dragon fruit syrup with strawberry inclusions.

To order a strawberry mango refresher ask for a Strawberry Acai refresher with half Strawberry Acai base and half mango dragon fruit base.

4. Strawberry Acai Refresher

The sweetly delicious strawberry acai refresher combines water, ice, and strawberry acai concentrate with some floating strawberry fruits.

5. Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher

If you prefer a sweet and subtly sour finish to your drink, the strawberry acai lemonade refresher may be a perfect pick for you. Strawberry acai base syrup is diluted with lemonade and garnished with dried fruits for extra color and flavor.

6. Neapolitan Refresher

Neapolitan refresher is a secret refresher drink that gives the pink drink a new dimension. To order a Neapolitan refresher at Starbucks, as for a pink drink without the inclusions and add strawberry sauce. Ask for a light swirl of dark mocha sauce at the bottom of the cup and cold foam topping with mocha drizzle.

7. Strawberry Sunset Drink

The strawberry sunset is a layered iced drink with lemonade, raspberry syrup, and classic syrup at the bottom and strawberry Acai at the top.

The barista starts with lemonade and classic and raspberry syrups at the bottom and then adds plenty of ice. Finally, strawberry acai is added slowly on the back of a spoon so that it floats on top. Ice acts as a temporary “floater” for the strawberry Acai so that it does not rapidly sink and mix with the lemonade.

You can also recreate a strawberry sunset by adding passion tea to Strawberry Acai lemonade.

Although it’s called a sunset refresher, the strawberry sunset is not shaken. You can stir the drink to mix the flavors or drink it without stirring to enjoy the different layers separately.

8. Pink Starburst Drink

Candy lovers will appreciate the secret Starbucks’ pink starburst drink which brings back the delicious, rare flavors of the strawberry starburst candy.

As with most main and secret menu items, you can implement a few twists here and there by changing up the flavors to get as close as possible to the target flavor.

Our favorite version of the pink starburst combines strawberry Acai concentrate with coconut milk, vanilla bean powder, and white mocha sauce all hand-shaken over ice.

Order the pink starburst by asking for the pink drink with vanilla bean powder and white mocha sauce.

9. Black Tea Lemonade with Strawberry Puree

Lemonade pairs superbly with black tea. Adding strawberry sauce gives the drink some reddish accents and strawberry sweetness.

For this drink, strawberry sauce, lemonade, black tea, and ice are hand-shaken to create a refreshingly tasty drink. You can swap black tea with green tea if black tea is too strong for you.

10. Strawberry Acai Refresher with Black Iced Tea

The standard strawberry Acai refresher is diluted with water but you can pack this drink with more antioxidants and a bigger pepping-up effect by swapping water with black tea.

Starbucks premium black tea adds about 60-90mg of caffeine to the drink.

11. Strawberry Acai with Iced Green Tea

Try the Starbucks Strawberry Acai refresher with iced green tea instead of water if you are a big fan of green tea and you don’t mind an extra punch in your refresher.

Unlike the strawberry refresher with black tea, the flavor of strawberry Acai refresher with green tea is quite similar to the standard strawberry Acai refresher with water.

12. Strawberry Refresher with Matcha

Studies show that matcha has more antioxidants and slightly more caffeine than regular green tea. The studies link matcha to more health benefits than both green tea and black tea.

To add matcha to a strawberry refresher, add 1, 2, 3, and 4 scoops of matcha powder to a Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta cup respectively. Each scoop of Starbucks matcha adds about 27.5mg of caffeine.

13. Pink Drink with Matcha Cold Foam

If you like matcha but you don’t want it in the pink drink, you can ask the barista to infuse matcha in sweet cream cold foam and add the foam to the pink drink.

Ordering this drink is super-easy, ask for a pink drink topped with matcha cold foam.

14. Chocolate-Covered Pink Drink

The chocolate-covered pink drink is simply a pink drink topped with mocha-infused cold foam. The cold foam has both vanilla and mocha for a chocolatey twist to the pink drink.

15. Iced Peach Green Tea with Strawberry Puree and Apple Juice

You can have this drink shaken to get a uniform color but I prefer it layered to taste the complex flavors of each layer.

This is one of those drinks where you have to explain how you want the drink to be made as it is not a menu item.

For a layered version, ask for peach green tea and strawberry puree at the bottom of the cup followed by extra ice. Finally, ask for apple juice to be added slowly so that it floats over the ice cubes.

You can also have it with strawberry acai syrup instead of strawberry puree.

16. Strawberry Cold Brew

This is cold brew coffee topped with strawberry-infused cold foam. For sweetened cold brew, add simple syrup or raspberry syrup. For a low-calorie option, add sugar-free vanilla syrup.

17. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew

Ask for a cold brew with raspberry syrup and mocha sauce, topped with strawberry cold foam and chocolate curls. Cold brew coffee has chocolate notes that fuse so well with mocha sauce and the strawberry cold foam adds a fruity edge to the chocolate flavor.

See the ordering tips for a chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew.

18. Iced Strawberry Latte

This secret drink puts to rest the myth that strawberry and espresso are not a good pair. Order an iced strawberry latte by asking for an iced latte with strawberry puree. The drink comes with the default vanilla syrup and the added strawberry puree sauce.

Try it with either oat milk and you might just add it to your favorite cold beverages. You can also add white mocha sauce to it. And don’t worry, your latte won’t curdle because of the strawberry.

19. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

The blended strawberry lemonade at Starbucks has a creme base, lemon juice, ice, and strawberry puree blended together. It is a popular zero-caffeine drink. for kids.

If you wish to change from strawberry to other fruit varieties, we have an interesting post about Starbucks fruity drinks.

20. Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino

For the fans of layered drinks, you can add the strawberry funnel cake frappuccino to your must-try list. It tastes like a fruity funnel cake in a cup.

Starbucks funnel cake frappuccino is a summer special that debuted in the summer of 2021 as a limited-time special. Fingers crossed the drink will make a comeback.

At the bottom of the drink are layers of strawberry puree and whip and then a blend of frap roast, funnel cake syrup, and milk is added. The toppings consist of whip, strawberry puree, and funnel cake sprinkles.

21. Strawberry Creme Frappuccino

Strawberry creme frappuccino is your ticket to a rich, coffee-free, and fruity blended drink. Strawberry sauce, ice, whole milk, classic syrup, and creme syrup are blended together and topped with whip. A swirl of extra strawberry puree is added at the bottom of the cup before pouring the drink into the cup.

Most of the other strawberry frappuccinos as covered below are delicious spin-offs of the strawberry creme frappuccino.

22. Neapolitan Frappuccino

Neapolitan frappuccino is an off-menu blended twist to the strawberry creme frappuccino. It is simply a strawberry creme frappuccino with vanilla bean powder and drizzled with strawberry puree and extra mocha sauce at the top.

Remember that strawberry creme frappuccino has no drizzle at the top so the Neapolitan adds two (strawberry and mocha) drizzles at the top.

23. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Creme Frappuccino

We already know that strawberry in a creme frappuccino is heavenly. We can elevate the drink further by adding frappuccino chips, and dark mocha before blending and mocha drizzle at the top.

Although strawberry creme frappuccino has no caffeine, adding frappuccino chips and mocha drizzle adds some caffeine to it.

Chocolate-covered strawberry creme frappuccino tastes like melted strawberry-infused chocolate.

24. Dirty Strawberry Frappuccino

If you like mash-ups of your favorite frappuccinos, be sure to try the dirty strawberry frappuccino. Imagine jazzing up a strawberry creme frappuccino by adding vanilla bean powder, java chips, white mocha sauce, and espresso before blending.

We recommend 1,2,3, and 4 espresso shots for Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta cups.

The dirty strawberry frappuccino is a secret drink so you may have to explain to the barista how to make it when ordering.

Simply ask for a strawberry creme frappuccino with java chips, one scoop of vanilla bean powder, espresso, and half pumps of white mocha sauce. The drink gets strawberry sauce at the bottom of the cup and is topped with whipped cream by default.

Read this wonderful article that discusses everything about the java chips from Starbucks.

25. Santa Claus Frappuccino

Christmas never tasted better without the Santa Claus frappuccino. Starbucks customers are always coming up with new drinks and this is one of those that have made it into Starbucks’ secret menu.

Santa Claus frappuccino is a vanilla bean frappuccino with beautiful reddish-pink layers of strawberry at the bottom and in the middle of the cup. It is topped with whipped cream and holiday sugar sprinkles.

You do not have to wait for Christmas to enjoy this drink all the ingredients except the holiday sprinkles are available all year round. Simply ask for strawberry drizzle instead of the holiday sprinkles.

The best way to order a Santa Clause frappuccino is by asking for a vanilla bean frappuccino with a bottom and middle layer of strawberry puree sauce and holiday sprinkles or drizzled strawberry on the whip.

4 Ways of Adding Strawberry to a Starbucks Drink

You can add strawberries to your drink by

  1. Adding strawberry Acai concentrate which is the base syrup for refreshers
  2. Adding strawberry puree sauce in juices, teas, frappuccinos, or as a drizzle
  3. Adding strawberry inclusions. The dried strawberries add less flavor as compared to the strawberry sauce and strawberry Acai. The longer they sit in your drink, the more they release their color into the drink.
  4. Strawberry-infused cold foam. You can top your iced coffees, iced teas, refreshers, or cold brew with strawberry cold foam for a fruity edge.
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