Top 15 Starbucks Low-Calorie Iced Coffees in 2022 (Under 100 Calories)

Starbucks low-calorie iced coffee

Most of the popular yummy drinks at Starbucks are high in calories. The calories come from sweeteners, flavors, toppings, and milk and its substitutes. Generally, the bigger the size of a drink, the higher the calorie content.

Since it’s often difficult to determine the number of calories that each ingredient in your iced coffee adds, trying to customize a drink to lower the calories can be frustrating. Sometimes you end up with a yucky drink.

Therefore, we did all the work for you so that you don’t get stuck in line trying to order a healthy iced coffee. This blog post seeks to help you out by listing 15 delicious low-calorie iced coffee drinks at Starbucks.

Starbucks Low-Calorie Iced Coffee with 100 Calories or Less

Here is a list of the healthiest cold coffee drinks from Starbucks. The list shows the name of the drink, the recommended cup size, and the calories in that drink size.

  1. Vanilla sweet cream cold brew (Tall – 90 calories)
  2. Iced skinny latte (Tall – 60 calories)
  3. Cold-brew coffee with sugar-free vanilla (5 calories)
  4. Iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso (Tall – 90 calories)
  5. Nitro cold brew with vanilla sweet cream cold foam (Grande – 70 calories)
  6. Iced honey almond milk flat white (Tall – 100 calories)
  7. Iced toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso (Tall – 100 calories)
  8. Iced Caffe Americano (Venti – 15 calories)
  9. Iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso (Tall – 80 calories)
  10. Iced espresso (10 calories)
  11. Nitro cold brew (Grande – 5 calories)
  12. Cold brew coffee with milk (Trenta – 70 calories)
  13. Iced coffee with milk (Tall – 80 calories)
  14. Starbucks’ Iced coffee (Grande – 80 calories)
  15. Iced shaken espresso (Grande – 100 calories)

The secret to a healthy iced coffee drink from Starbucks is to go as basic as possible. The more you strip the iced coffee off sweeteners and toppings the closer you get to a low-calorie drink. You may also have to limit the size of the drink to a Tall (12oz) cup to stay below 100 calories if you want to keep some of the yummy ingredients in it.

Let’s drill down to the Starbucks low-calorie cold coffee drinks.

1. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew (Tall – 90 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 90 calories

This punchy and smooth cold brew drink is flavored with vanilla syrup in the coffee and topped with vanilla sweet cream.

You can go lower than 90 calories in a tall cup by subbing sugar-free vanilla for regular vanilla but retain the sweet cream to complement the sugar-free syrup.

2. Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte (Tall – 60 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 60 calories

An iced skinny latte with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla is quite low on calories if you stick to a Tall cup.

Although nonfat milk contains considerable calories (10 calories per ounce), the combination of ice, espresso, and sugar-free syrup takes up some of the space in a tall cup thus reducing the amount of nonfat milk.

A tall (12oz) skinny vanilla latte has 60 calories.

See the comprehensive latte menu at Starbucks.

3. Cold Brew with Sugar-Free Vanilla (5 Calories)

All cup sizes have less than 10 calories

Starbucks cold brew is not only refreshing and easy on your stomach but also super healthy if caffeine is not a problem for you. Sweetening it with sugar-free vanilla adds no calories to this extremely low-calorie drink.

Whether you want a gigantic Trenta (30ml) or a simple Tall (12oz), cold brew coffee with sugar-free vanilla has five calories only.

Here is an article that discusses sugar-free syrup from Starbucks.

4. Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso (Tall – 90 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 90 calories

Oftentimes, low-calorie coffee drinks are boring as they are usually stripped down to nearly straight coffee but that is not the case with the iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso.

This is a super delicious menu item but you may want to limit your order to a tall cup as the bigger cups have more than 100 calories.

5. Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew (Grande – 70 Calories)

Grande (16oz) has 70 calories

This drink is only available in two cup sizes only: tall and grande sizes. Fortunately, both sizes have less than 100 calories.

Unlike vanilla sweet cream cold brew, there is no vanilla syrup in the nitro cold brew as vanilla only goes in the cold foam topping.

This drink gets a splash of vanilla sweet cream which accentuates the cascading appearance of nitro cold brew.

6. Iced Honey Almond Milk Flat White (Tall – 100 Calories)

Tall 12oz has 100 calories

Don’t go bigger than a tall cup with this drink as that’s a sure way to go over the 100 calories mark. Iced honey almond milk flat white combines ice, Starbucks honey blend, blonde ristretto, and sweetened almond milk.

7. Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Milk Shaken Espresso (Tall – 100 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 100 calories)

Toasted vanilla syrup is not for everyone as it is a bit of an acquired taste. This is a layered drink with toasted vanilla, ice, and espresso shaken together and topped with a splash of oat milk.

You can read more about oat milk at Starbucks.

8. Iced Caffe Americano (Venti – 15 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 10 calories and Venti (24oz) has 15 calories

An iced Caffe Americano has a bold espresso flavor. You can have it blonde or regular. Starbucks plain iced Caffe Americano has 15 calories for a venti size. This gives you room to add a few pumps of your choice syrup without cloying the drink.

My favorite flavors in an iced Americano are 2-3 pumps of brown sugar or two pumps of white mocha and one pump of toffee nut syrup. You can also top it with sweet cream to cut the coffee.

9. Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso (Tall – 80 Calories)

Tall (12oz) has 80 calories

Starbucks uses its own chocolate malt powder which is already sweetened with cane sugar. A combination of ice, chocolate powder, and espresso is shaken and topped with Starbucks sweetened almond milk.

The drink has no syrup. You can also order the drink with oat milk instead of almond milk.

10. Iced Espresso (10 Calories)

This drink is an iced double espresso. It has 10 calories so there is enough room to sweeten it but since it’s small in volume, you may not want to add more than a pump or two of your choice syrup.

Try it with classic syrup or vanilla.

See this detailed article about Starbucks’ sugar syrup.

11. Nitro Cold Brew (Grande – 5 Calories)

If you love to drink straight coffee with no sweetener, you may fancy a plain nitro cold brew. It is naturally sweeter than regular cold brew coffee due to infused nitrogen.

Nitro cold brew is limited to two cup sizes, grande and tall cup. There are only five calories in the drink.

12. Cold Brew with Milk (Trenta – 70 Calories)

It has 25,35,60, and 70 calories in a tall, grande, venti, and trenta cup respectively.

Starbucks cold brew with milk is a menu item and its iced cold brew coffee with a splash of 2% milk. It has no syrup and it’s low-calorie with a Trenta (30oz) having 70 calories only.

If you would like to add syrup to this drink, we recommend ordering a grande size with no more than two pumps of your choice of syrup to keep the calories below 100.

13. Iced Coffee with Milk (Tall – 80 Calories)

A tall cup has 80 calories.

Iced milk coffee is delicious and creamy. It is chilled brewed coffee with classic syrup, ice, and a creamy splash of oat milk.

14. Iced Coffee (Grande – 80 Calories)

Grande (16oz) has 80 calories, and tall (12oz) has 60 calories.

This is chilled brewed coffee which is sweetened with classic syrup and served over ice. Go for Starbucks iced coffee when you want a refreshing light-bodied coffee.

15. Iced Shaken Espresso (Grande – 100 Calories)

A tall (12oz) has 80 calories and a grande cup (16oz) has 100 calories.

The iced shaken espresso was formerly Doubleshot on ice. It has classic syrup, ice, and espresso shaken together and splashed with milk at the top.

We recommend getting a tall cup or a grande cup as they have 80 calories and 100 calories respectively.

7 Ways to Reduce the Calories in Iced Coffee Drinks

Here are seven practical ways to reduce the calories in iced coffee.

  1. Order straight iced coffee, iced espresso, or cold brew. Plain coffee has very few calories. For example, espresso has 1-2 calories per ounce. Both regular coffee and cold brew have less than 5 calories per 8oz cup.
  2. Use sugar-free syrup. Swapping a high-calorie syrup or sauce with a sugar-free option sweetens the drink without adding calories.
  3. Reduce the number of pumps of the syrup or sauce. The higher the number of pumps of syrup or sauce, the higher the calories in the drink. Each pump of regular syrup adds 15-30 calories whereas each pump of sauce adds up to 47 calories depending on the sauce.
  4. Split the number of pumps between a regular syrup and a sugar-free option. For example, instead of adding four pumps of toffee nut, split the four pumps into two pumps of toffee nut and two pumps of sugar-free syrup.
  5. Reduce the size of the drink. A tall drink has more calories than a short one as it uses more sweeteners, flavors, and milk. See all the cup sizes you can order from Starbucks.
  6. Add low-calorie milk options. Generally, nonfat milk has fewer calories than whole milk.
  7. Avoid whipped cream and the other toppings from Starbucks as they will add to the calories.


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