19 Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Flavors (and How to Drink Them)

For over two decades, Starbucks in partnership with PepsiCo has dominated the ready-to-drink coffee market that is valued at over $2 Billion.

The launch of the Starbucks frappuccino bottle in 1996 marked the beginning of the ready-to-drink coffee category that has grown to include other beverages such as ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, espresso, and mocha.

Starbucks bottled frappuccino flavors
A picture of a bottled mocha frappuccino

Although Starbucks bottled frappuccinos can not replace the coffee shop experience, they are a cheaper way to grab your favorite frappuccino on the go or stock them at home for a quick treat when you don’t feel like venturing out.

Bottled frappuccinos are also ideal to carry in your cooler box when you are out camping, hiking, or fishing. You can also stock your favorite seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice bottled frappuccino so that you have enough supplies when the fall season comes to an end.

They are distributed in vacuum-sealed bottles and although they should be stored in the fridge, you can get away with storing them on a shelf away from heat for a few weeks.

This article focuses on the best Starbucks bottled frappuccino flavors, how to drink a frappuccino bottle and everything about these indulgent treats.

Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Flavors

There are 19 flavors of bottled frappuccinos. However, some of the flavors may not be available in some regions.

Starbucks frappuccino bottle is a line of blended coffee drinks that are ready to drink. They are sold in 9.5 fl oz and 13.7 fl oz bottles.

Starbucks uses reduced-fat milk for this line of blended drinks. The most popular flavors are mocha, vanilla, caramel, and coffee.

Bottled frappuccinos, usually, have a much thinner consistency than the frappuccino that you order at a Starbucks store but we will show you a simple hack to improve the drink’s texture when drinking a bottled frappuccino.

These drinks are sometimes referred to as Starbucks iced bottled coffee which actually alludes to the broader category of bottled coffee drinks including espressos, cold brew, iced coffee, and mocha.

Here are the 19 Starbucks Frappuccino bottle flavors.

1. Mocha

The mocha frappuccino bottle is a creamy blend of mocha sauce, coffee, and low-fat milk. It is a decadent chocolate drink option on the go for chocolate snobs. A 9.5 oz mocha frappuccino bottle has 180 calories and 110 mg of caffeine whereas a 13.7 oz bottle has 270 calories.

2. Vanilla

A vanilla frappuccino bottle is a blend of low-fat milk, coffee, and vanilla. A 9.5 oz bottle has 200 calories and 75 mg of caffeine.

3. Coffee

Starbucks bottled frappuccino coffee drink is a sweetened blend of coffee and low-fat milk. A 9.5 oz bottle has 75 mg of caffeine and 210 calories whereas a 13.7 oz bottle has 110mg of caffeine and 300 calories.

4. Caramelized Vanilla Honey (Splash of Cold Brew)

Starbucks caramelized vanilla honey frappuccino is a blend of Starbucks brewed coffee and milk. A splash of cold brew coffee is added for a bolder coffee flavor. This drink is sweetened with honey and sugar.

It contains 90 mg of caffeine and 290 calories in a 13.7 oz bottle.

5. Toasted White Chocolate

Chocolate lovers can stock the toasted white chocolate bottled frappuccino at home or grab a bottle on the go at a supermarket or a Starbucks store.

It has a rich flavor and a 13.7 oz bottle has 290 calories and 90 mg of caffeine. The toasted white chocolate frappuccino bottle has a splash of cold brew for a stronger coffee flavor.

6. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is one of the most popular Starbucks flavors. The pumpkin spice bottled frappuccino delivers the delectable fall flavors and pumpkin notes in a bottle that you can conveniently store at home.

A 9.5 oz bottle has 45 mg of caffeine and 210 calories.

Read about the best drinks with pumpkin spice flavor.

7. Caramel

Starbucks caramel frappuccino bottle has a rich buttery caramel flavor that blends superbly with the taste of coffee for a delicious indulgence.

A 9.5oz bottle of the bottled caramel frappuccino has 210 calories and 65 mg of caffeine whereas a 13.7oz bottle has 290 calories and 90 mg of caffeine.

8. S’mores

S’mores frappuccino bottle is a decadent treat that blends milk and coffee and is infused with the delectable flavors of marshmallow, honey graham, and chocolate.

A 13.7 oz s’mores frappuccino bottle has 290 calories.

9. Vanilla Light

Vanilla light bottled frappuccino is a healthier alternative to the regular vanilla frappuccino bottle as it contains half the calories in the latter.

A 9.5 oz bottle of vanilla light flavor has 100 calories as compared to 200 calories in a similar bottle of regular vanilla bottled frappuccino. The 9.5 oz bottle has 50 mg of caffeine as compared to 75 mg in the regular vanilla bottle.

10. Mocha Light

Starbucks mocha light frappuccino bottle has a near-similar taste to the regular mocha frappuccino bottle. There have been some unconfirmed reports that Starbucks has pulled the plug on the mocha light flavor although it is still available in some markets.

Mocha light has a slightly lower caffeine content and half the calories in the mocha frappuccino bottle. A 9.5 oz bottle of vanilla light has 100 calories and 75 mg of caffeine.

11. Dulce de Leche

Starbucks Dulce de Leche Frappuccino bottle has a rich taste with caramel notes. There are 60 mg of caffeine and 290 calories in a 13.7 oz bottle of this indulgent drink.

12. Mocha Coconut

Starbucks mocha coconut frappuccino bottle contains wheat so you may want to avoid it if you have a wheat allergy or a gluten allergy. It also contains leavening such as sodium bicarbonate, calcium phosphate, and sodium aluminum phosphate.

This refreshing drink has a rich chocolaty and coconut flavor. A 13.7 oz bottle has 300 calories and 60 mg of caffeine.

13. Brown Butter Caramel

The brown butter caramel frappuccino has a richer flavor than the caramel frappuccino. It is part of the bottled frappuccinos with a splash of cold brew for a bigger coffee kick.

A 13.7 oz bottle has 95 mg of caffeine and 290 calories.

14. Caramel Flan

Caramel flan frappuccino is a burst of flavor and delivers 310 calories per 13.7 oz bottle. It is inspired by the popular Latin dessert whose roots date back to the Roman Empire.

15. Chocolate Churro

Starbucks launched three bottled frappuccino flavors (chocolate churro, hazelnut tiramisu, and caramel flan) under its passport series that are inspired by desserts from different parts of the world.

The chocolate churro frappuccino bottle is a superb balance between the cinnamon and chocolate flavors which gives the drink a rich chocolate flavor without a nuanced spiciness. A 13.7 oz bottle of chocolate churro has 280 calories and 115 mg of caffeine.

Starbucks chocolate churro frappuccino gets its inspiration from the churro donuts – Spanish donuts treats that are rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

16. Hazelnut Tiramisu

Hazelnut Tiramisu frappuccino bottle is inspired by Tiramisu – the Italian dessert that is coffee-flavored. It is sold in 13.7 oz bottles that have 310 calories per bottle.

17. Almond Milk Vanilla

This is a non-dairy vanilla frappuccino. It has fewer calories than a regular bottled vanilla frappuccino. A 13.7 oz bottle of almond milk vanilla frappuccino has 180 calories and 105 mg of caffeine.

18. Almond Milk Mocha

A non-dairy mocha frappuccino that has fewer calories than the regular bottled mocha frappuccino. A 9.5 oz bottle has 120 calories as compared to 190 calories in a similar bottle of the regular mocha. Similarly, a 13.7 oz bottle of almond milk mocha frappuccino has 170 calories as compared to 270 calories in the regular mocha frappuccino bottle.

As for the caffeine content, a 9.5 oz almond milk mocha bottle has 70 mg whereas a 13.7 bottle has 105 mg of caffeine.

The almond milk bottled frappuccinos are labeled nondairy and not dairy-free, so people with extreme dairy allergies may want to avoid them.

19. Salted Dark Chocolate Frappuccino Bottle

Starbucks bottled dark chocolate frappuccino is an amazing treat for dark chocolate lovers. A touch of sea salt adds a versatile and intriguing chocolate flavor.

The coffee flavor is highlighted by adding a splash of cold brew. A 13.7 oz bottle of the salted dark chocolate frappuccino has 260 calories and 90mg of caffeine.

Chocolate lovers have a unique option of buying variety packs that have decadent bottled chocolate frappuccino flavors such as salted dark chocolate, toasted white chocolate, mocha, s’mores, mocha coconut, and chocolate churro.

You can create your own variety pack by buying single bottles of your favorite flavors.

See the comprehensive list of Starbucks drinks for chocolate snobs.

3 Ways to drink Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle

The best way to drink Starbucks bottled frappuccino is to first put the drink in the freezer for about two hours and then shake it to blend the formed ice into the drink to achieve a texture that is similar to the freshly blended drink at the store.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Simply chill the beverage and drink it from the bottle or pour it into a cup to drink
  • Pour the frappuccino bottle over ice and drink
  • Blend a bottled frappuccino with ice for a thicker consistency. Bottled frappuccinos are highly sweetened so you do not need to add extra sweeteners when blending with ice.

Wrap up

With over a dozen flavors of Starbucks frappuccino bottles, it is easy to find a flavor that suits your taste buds. These ready-to-drink beverages are sold in bottles of 9.5 oz and 13.7 oz.

Some bottled frappuccinos have a splash of coffee over the regular coffee that is standard in all bottled frappuccinos. Adding cold brew makes the blended coffee drink stronger.

The bottled frappuccino drinks from Starbucks are caffeinated and the caffeine content ranges from 45 mg in a 9.5 oz pumpkin spice frappuccino bottle to 115 mg in a 13.7 oz bottle of Starbucks chocolate churro frappuccino.


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