Top 15 Sonic Milkshakes that You Should Try

Did you know that Sonic shakes use a diluted vanilla ice cream mix whereas Sonic blasts use undiluted vanilla ice cream? Now you know the reason why Sonic blasts are thicker than milkshakes.

Sonic milkshakes can be ordered online or at the stands. Ordering in person at a Sonic stand avails more flavor options and customizations as opposed to using the mobile app.

Sonic milkshake sizes are mini (10 oz), small (14 oz), medium (20 oz), and large (32 oz)

This blog post covers the best milkshake flavors at Sonic.

Best Milkshakes at Sonic

1. Oreo Cheesecake Shake

The oreo cheesecake shake is a mix of crushed oreo, shake mix, Graham’s cracker crumbs, and cheesecake syrup. It is topped with whipped cream and garnished with real cherry fruit.

The Oreo chocolate master shake has a creamy vanilla-chocolatey flavor and a subtle cheesecake flavor.

Mini (10 oz)Small (14 0z)Medium (20 oz)Large (32 oz)
Carbohydrates65 g90 g125 g178 g
Total Sugars44 g61 g84 g119 g
Protein6 g10 g13 g19 g
Total Fat27 g40 g51 g73 g
Sonic oreo cheesecake shake nutrition

2. Oreo and Reese’s Peanut Butter Shake

It is a great cheat drink when you are looking for a filling shake. It’s super thick and you are better off asking for a spoon instead of a straw.

It is made with Sonic’s signature shake mix, Reese’s peanut butter, and crushed oreo cookies, and is topped with whipped cream and cherry fruit.

The oreo peanut butter shake from Sonic has a sweet and rich peanut butter taste with hints of chocolate.

The oreo and Reese’s peanut butter shake is a calorie bomb with the large size packing 1720 calories and 107 grams of sugar. Therefore, we recommend going for the small or min size.

The chart below shows its nutrition.

Carbohydrates60 g86 g116 g168 g
Total Sugars40 g57 g75 g107 g
Protein9 g12 g18 g30 g
Total Fat35 g48 g67 g106 g
Sonic oreo and Reese’s peanut butter shake

3. Cheesecake Shake

This master shake is a mix of vanilla ice cream mix, Graham cracker crumbs, and cheesecake syrup. The cheesecake flavor is definitely there but way more subtle than I expected. The shake is yummy and worth a try.

Carbohydrates53 g79 g101 g148 g
Total Sugars36 g53 g68 g99 g
Protein6 g10 g12 g19 g
Total Fat23 g35 g43 g62 g
Cheesecake milkshake nutrition

4. Strawberry Shake

The Strawberry shake is a delicious classic as strawberries pair so well with milk products. Strawberry is the most popular fruit flavor in milkshakes.

Sonic makes their strawberry shakes with real strawberries and vanilla ice cream mix. You have the option to load the shake with extra strawberries for extra fruitiness.

Carbohydrates47 g72 g92 g137 g
Total Sugars35 g52 g66 g97 g
Protein5 g9 g11 g17 g
Total Fat21 g34 g41 g60 g
Strawberry milkshake nutrition

5. Caramel Shake

The caramel adds a rich toasty twist to Sonic’s ice cream base to make a dreamy caramel shake. It’s a simple shake with a burst of flavor.

Carbohydrates45 g71 g97 g144 g
Total Sugars32 g49 g67 g99 g
Protein6 g10 g12 g19 g
Total Fat22 g35 g41 g61 g
Caramel shake nutrition

6. Hot Fudge Shake

For chocolate lovers, look no further than Sonic’s hot fudge shake that combines hot fudge sauce and ice cream base.

Hot fudge sauce is richer and more flavorful than chocolate sauce. It complements the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream base in Sonic shakes.

Carbohydrates51 g77 g113 g162 g
Total Sugars37 g54 g80 g113 g
Protein6 g10 g13 g19 g
Total Fat24 g36 g48 g69 g
Hot fudge shake nutrition

7. Churro Shake (Seasonal)

Sonic Drive-in introduced the limited-time churro shake from July to September 2022. The shake had a solid buzz due to its sweet buttery flavor and subtle spicy notes.

It combines ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon sugar and is topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, a real churro, and a cherry. The churros are made in-house as they are also part of the snacks menu.

Sonic’s churro shake is definitely a flavor to look out for in the next season.

8. Cake Batter Shake (Seasonal)

Sonic cake batter shakes are a dream for many customers. These seasonal bad boys come in two flavors: the brownie batter shake and the yellow batter shake.

The brownie batter shake is popular with chocolate lovers. It combines vanilla ice cream, crushed brownies, and chocolate brownie batter pieces. It has a delicious grittiness.

Sonic yellow cake batter shake blends vanilla ice cream and yellow cake batter. It has a rich custardy finish.

The cake batter shakes are spring flavors.

9. Banana Milkshake

The banana shake at Sonic has at least twice the dietary fiber in most milkshakes as it uses real bananas. Since bananas have a strong flavor that tends to overpower the other flavors in shakes and smoothies, you may not want to go for a banana milkshake unless you really love bananas.

Sonic banana milkshake is a mix of real banana slices and vanilla ice cream. It has a nice runny texture which makes it easy to drink using a straw.

You can add crushed oreo cookies to improve the texture or strawberries to enhance the flavor, color, and fruitiness. Banana shake also tastes great with hot fudge sauce or peanut butter.

Carbohydrates54 g80 g108 g160 g
Total Sugars37 g54 g70 g103 g
Protein6 g10 g13 g19 g
Total Fat22 g34 g41 g61 g
Banana milkshake nutrition

10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Caramel Shake (Secret Flavor)

Reese’s peanut butter caramel shake tastes like a liquid candy bar without chocolate. For a bigger chocolate candy bar flavor, top the shake with hot fudge sauce.

It combines Reese’s peanut butter, caramel flavor, and vanilla ice cream.

11. Espresso Shake

The espresso shake may not be on the app menu but you can order it in person at the Drive-in stand. You can order it with espresso only, with oreo, or with any flavor including caramel and hot fudge.

We recommend asking the barista to blend espresso with the ice cream to avoid drinking straight coffee. The bitterness of the espresso counters the sweetness of vanilla ice cream. This shake is delicious and does not taste like a sugar bomb.

See Sonic iced coffees.

12. Oreo Chocolate Shake

The oreo chocolate shake is an indulgent flavor for the chocoholics who prefer a delicious gritty finish. It is a mix of chocolate sauce, pieces of oreo cookies, and vanilla ice cream.

Carbohydrates65 g90 g125 g178 g
Total Sugars44 g61 g84 g119 g
Protein6 g10 g13 g19 g
Total Fat27 g40 g51 g73 g
Oreo chocolate milkshake nutrition

13. Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

Strawberry sauce is a popular topping for cheesecakes. The strawberry cheesecake shake mimics this perfect match by blending a mixture of real strawberries, cheesecake syrup, and vanilla ice cream.

The strawberry cheesecake shake is sweet and creamy with a subtle tanginess.

Carbohydrates59 g84 g112 g165 g
Total Sugars41 g58 g78 g115 g
Protein6 g10 g12 g19 g
Total Fat23 g35 g43 g62 g
Strawberry cheesecake shake nutrition

14. Strawberry Hot Fudge Shake (Secret Drink)

The strawberry hot fudge milkshake tastes like melted chocolate-covered strawberries. It combines hot fudge sauce, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream.

Hot fudge gives a richer chocolate flavor than dark chocolate sauce.

15. Vanilla Shake

This is a classic no-frills milkshake. It is simply a blended vanilla ice cream mix with no added flavors. Essentially, you are drinking liquid vanilla ice cream.

Carbohydrates45 g71 g89 g132 g
Total Sugar32 g49 g61 g90 g
Protein6 g10 g13 g19 g
Total Fat23 g36 g45 g66 g
Vanilla shake nutrition

Final Thoughts

You can Sonic milkshakes straight from the menu or create your favorite flavor combos to satisfy your cravings. Although ordering through the mobile app is fast and easy, you have fewer options to customize the shakes as compared to ordering physically at a stand.

For non-dairy Sonic drinks, see the slush flavors that you should try.

FAQs About Sonic Shakes

What’s the Difference Between a Sonic Master Shake and Classic Shake?

Sonic master shakes combine two or more flavors with vanilla ice cream whereas classic shakes are made with one flavor and vanilla ice cream. Therefore, Sonic master shakes are more decadent than classic shakes.

Sonic master shake vs regular shake


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