How Many Ounces are in a Large Scooter’s Coffee? (Scooter’s Coffee Sizes)

Like most coffee shops, Scooter’s Coffee uses different cup sizes for hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks are served in larger cups to provide room for ice to avoid reducing the volume of the actual drink.

How many ounces are in a large Scooter’s Coffee?

A large hot drink at Scooter’s coffee is 20 ounces whereas a large cold drink is 24 ounces. The other drink sizes at Scooter’s are 12 oz and 16 oz for small and medium hot drinks respectively and 16 oz and 20 oz for small and medium cold drinks respectively.

The cold drinks at Scooter’s coffee include blenders, quenchers, red bull infusions, cold brew, and iced drinks.

Why is it Important to Know the Drink Sizes at Scooter’s Coffee?

The size of the drink dictates the volume of the ingredients that are used to make it. The ingredients determine the nutrition of that drink.

Therefore, the bigger the size of a drink the bigger the volume of ingredients that are used to make it. For example, a large latte uses more espresso shots, milk, and sweeteners than a small latte.

Therefore, the size of the drink helps you to understand how much caffeine, calories, and sugar is likely to be in that drink.

How Many Espresso Shots are in Scooter’s Coffee?

Generally, there are two espresso shots in a small Scooter’s coffee and three espresso shots in both medium and large coffee. However, you are at liberty to add more espresso shots to any espresso drink at an extra charge.

Since the average caffeine in a shot of espresso is 65 mg, a small coffee drink at Scooter’s has about 130 mg of caffeine whereas both medium and large coffee drinks have about 195 mg of caffeine.

How Many Calories Are in Scooter’s Coffee Drinks?

The calories in Scooter’s Coffee drinks depend on the type of drink, drink size, type of milk, and the flavors and toppings in it. Plain black coffee such as Americano, plain cold brew, and brewed coffee is nearly calorie-free with less than 0.5 calories per fluid ounce.

Large blended drinks on the other hand have more than 400 calories. For example, a blended mounds candy bar latte has 650 calories in a 24 oz cup. See all the candy bar latte flavors available at Scooter’s Coffee.

As for the type of milk, almond milk has the least calories of all the types of milk at Scooter’s Coffee. However, almond milk has natural sugar so it adds naturally occurring sugar to a drink.

Therefore, if you want a low-calorie coffee drink with milk and flavors, your best bet is to order an almond milk coffee drink with sugar-free flavors.

A medium cup of almond milk sugar-free vanilla latte has 110 calories as compared to 320 calories in a medium cup of regular vanilla latte with whole milk.

A large hot latte with whole milk and no sweetener has 310 calories whereas a similar drink with regular vanilla has 410 calories.

Which Drink at Scooter’s Coffee has the Highest Calories?

The peanut butter power drink has the highest calories at Scooter’s Coffee. This blended drink has 880, 730, and 610 calories for a large, medium, and small cup size respectively. For reference, a medium Caffe Americano with no sweetener has five calories only.

Final Thoughts about Scooter’s Coffee Sizes

Scooter’s Coffee sizes for hot drinks are 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz for small, medium, and large respectively whereas the sizes for cold drinks are 16 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz for small, medium, and large respectively.

Scooter’s Coffee uses two espresso shots in small drinks and three espresso shots in medium and large drinks. This means that a small coffee drink has about 130 mg of caffeine whereas medium and large espresso drinks have about 195 mg of caffeine.

The highest calorie drink at Scooter’s coffee is the peanut butter power which has 880, 730, and 610 calories for a small, medium, and large cup size respectively.


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