Scooter’s Coffee App (8 Reasons Why You Should Use It)

Over the years, Scooter’s Coffee has improved the user experience for its mobile app. The App makes it easy to track your loyalty points, rewards, and changes to the menu among other benefits.

Here are eight reasons why you should use Scooter’s Coffee App.

1. Earn Scooter’s Rewards (Free Drink, Yum!)

You can only register for the Scooter’s Coffee rewards program through the Scooter’s Coffee App. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. During registration, you must create a profile with your name and email address.

After successfully registering on the mobile app, you start earning 3 Smiles or loyalty points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases. As you continue accumulating more smiles, you qualify to get a free drink for every 180 smiles.

180 smiles are equivalent to $60, which is approximately the price of 10-15 drinks. This means that you qualify for a free loyalty drink every 10-15 drinks.

2. Free Birthday Drink

You qualify for a free birthday drink if you have installed and signed up on Scooter’s Coffee mobile app. However, you must have updated the date of your birthday on your profile.

A few days to your birthday, Scooter’s Coffee automatically adds a free birthday drink to the rewards section of your app and sends you an email notification.

3. Menu Access

The mobile app gives you full access to the Scooter’s Coffee menu including customization options. You can also view the ingredients so that you are ready to order before arriving at the Drive-thru store.

4. Access to Additional Perks and Promotions

Scooter’s Coffee occasionally runs promotions that are only available to customers who have registered on Scooter’s mobile application. The promotions include earning extra Smiles for qualifying purchases and buy one get one offers on purchases made through the app.

The Valentine’s BOGO offer for Scooter’s app users is an excellent way to get a free drink for your Valentine’s date.

Scooter’s Coffee may also give a free monthly snack or drink to the customers who have an active Scooter’s Coffee app.

5. Referral Bonus

Scooter’s Coffee app has a referral program where you can earn a $2 credit to your Scooter’s account when you send an invite link to a friend or family member to install and register on the app.

Your friend also gets a $2 credit so long as they

  • use the invite link to install the app and sign up
  • make a purchase of at least $4 for which they redeem the $2 credit and pay the rest from their pocket

Once these two conditions have been fulfilled, your $2 bonus is credited to your Scooter’s app and you can redeem it on your next order.

6. Order-and-Pay Ahead

Through the Scooter’s App, you can order your favorite drinks and snacks and pay ahead to avoid waiting in line. The App. also allows you to select the collection time for your order.

The order-and-pay ahead is only available for same-day pickup.

7. Pre-Loading Funds

If you are regularly ordering from Scooter’s Coffee, you can improve your buying experience by preloading funds from your credit or debit card to your Scooter’s app. This way, your orders are billed from the funds in the App and not from your card.

The preloading feature can help you to set a weekly or monthly spending limit. For example, if your monthly coffee budget is $100, preload that amount and turn off the “Auto Reload” option.

Alternatively, you can leave the “Auto Reload” function on and set a maximum amount that will automatically be added from your card to the app. The auto-added amount can be as low as $5. You may also want to set the minimum balance for auto-reload to kick in.

8. Buy Gifts For Your Friends

You can buy drinks and eats on the app and send them as digital gift cards to your friends and family. The recipients must download and install Scooter’s Coffee App to redeem the gift card.

Final Thoughts

Scooter’s Coffee App is a handy tool that offers advantages such as easy access to the menu, a platform to register for Scooter’s rewards and earn free drinks and referral earnings among other benefits

FAQs About Scooter’s Coffee App

Do Scooter’s Coffee Rewards Expire?

Yes, some scooter’s coffee rewards such as free drinks and the free birthday drink expire. The expiry date for each reward is indicated on the “Rewards” page of the Scooter’s Coffee app. The Smiles expire 365 days from the date that they are earned.

How to Get a Free Drink from Scooter’s Coffee

You can get a free drink from Scooter’s Coffee by redeeming 180 Smiles, redeeming a free drink on your birthday, BOGO offers such as Valentine’s Day offers, and other promotions that are periodically availed to Scooter’s application users.


Patrick is first a coffee lover and then a trained barista. His bucket list includes sky diving and sipping on Java in the Himalayas.

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