Low Acid Instant Coffee (6 Best Options)

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Instant coffee is real coffee made from dehydrated coffee concentrate. It has similar nutritional components to regular coffee such as antioxidants, caffeine, organic acids, and chlorogenic acids.

In fact, instant coffee has similar acidity to regular coffee and can cause problems such as acid reflux and bloating in people with GERD issues.

Acidity in coffee has a huge impact on coffee flavor. Acidity gives coffee a brighter flavor profile. Without acidity, coffee becomes flat and dull.

Still, there are ways to neutralize or reduce the acidity of coffee without completely muting its brightness. Whether it’s through the coffee growing process, the roasting process, or adding a pH regulating agent to coffee, coffee companies employ different techniques to come up with low acid instant coffee.

So, if instant coffee is causing you abdominal problems, you may want to go for low-acid instant coffee that is easy on your stomach.

This post discusses the best reduced-acid instant coffee options that are available.

If you already have regular instant coffee at home, you do not have to discard it. Use our simple tips to reduce the acidity of your instant coffee at home and when you are done with that pack, you can buy a new batch with reduced acid.

Best Low Acid Instant Coffee

  1. Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee (Best Overall)
  2. VitaCup Perfect Low Acid Instant Coffee
  3. Kava Decaf Reduced Acid Instant Coffee
  4. Lifeboost Steeped Bags (Best Full-bodied and Healthiest Option)
  5. Kopi Luwak 3 in 1 Low Acid Instant Coffee (Best Instant Premixed)
  6. Kopiko Low Acid Instant Coffee (Premixed)

1. Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee

Kava reduced acid instant coffee is the oldest low acid instant coffee in the World. It was first made in 1962 and it has a pH of 6.8 which is almost neutral as compared to a pH of 4-5 in regular coffee.

The company uses potassium hydroxide, an alkaline chemical, to lower the pH of Kava instant coffee to at least 50 percent less acid than regular instant coffee.

The FDA acknowledges potassium hydroxide as generally a safe food substance if used within the good manufacturing practice conditions that include its use as an agent to regulate food pH.

Acid-reduced Kava instant coffee is smooth and flavorful with no bitterness. Its caffeine content is 40mg per teaspoon of the powder.

Kava low-acid instant coffee is available as

  • Kava reduced-acid instant coffee powder and
  • Kava acid-reduced instant coffee sticks that are superb for traveling and camping. Each stick has 2.75 grams of instant coffee to make a 6oz cup of full-bodied coffee

What we like about Kava Low Acid Instant Coffee

  • Available as both loose powder and coffee sticks
  • Uses recyclable glass container and lid
  • Has at least 50 percent less acid than regular coffee

What we don’t like

  • It uses potassium hydroxide which in large doses may affect people with potassium sensitivity.
Kava acid-reduced instant coffee

2. VitaCup Perfect Low-Acid Instant Coffee

It is made from single-origin 100 percent Arabica coffee beans from Mexico. It is a dark roast and. This USDA-certified organic instant coffee is free from pesticides, and chemicals and has no artificial ingredients or flavors.

It is also free from mycotoxins.

The coffee beans used to make VitaCup low-acid instant coffee are naturally low-acid. Each packet holds 24 VitaCup low-acid instant sticks.

To make a refreshing cup of coffee, use one stick in 6 ounces of hot water. For a bolder flavor, use 1.5-2 sticks in 6-8 ounces of hot water.

Organic low acid instant coffee

3. Kava Reduced Acid Decaf Instant Coffee

If you are drinking low acid coffee and you are still having stomach problems, you might have better luck drinking low acid decaffeinated instant coffee. Caffeine is widely known to trigger GERD problems.

This decaf low acid instant coffee has about 1mg of caffeine per serving.

Kava’s decaf reduced-acid instant coffee has a rich flavor and is a great choice for women who experience abdominal cramping from caffeine.

What we like about Kava Decaf Reduced-Acid Instant Coffee

  • It’s good for people with acid reflux issues due to the low caffeine level and low acidity
  • It uses fully recyclable materials (glass bottle and screw cap)
  • This low acid decaf is great for people with diuretic issues
  • It’s great for people who do not want caffeine but still want to take coffee
Low acid decaf instant coffee

4. Lifeboost Go Bags Low Acid Coffee

Although not instant coffee, Lifeboost low acid coffee comes in pre-measured coffee pouches that you simply steep in hot water for five minutes to make a bold cup of coffee. It is similar to using a tea bag.

Each pack has 10 coffee pouches. This coffee is naturally low-acid. It is a single-origin medium roast coffee.

The coffee beans that make this coffee are specially hand-washed and selected by hand so that only the superior beans are used.

What we like about Lifeboost low acid go bags

  • It is organic coffee as certified by USDA
  • It has a bolder flavor than instant coffee
  • It comes in pre-measured coffee bags that resemble tea bags so you simply steep it in water and drink
  • You can make both hot coffee and cold brew with Lifeboost go bags low acid coffee
  • Excellent for conferences, camping, college, offices, and hotel rooms
  • Free from mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • The go bags come in a bigger bag that is nitro-sealed to preserve freshness
  • The packaging bags, including the pouches, are fully biodegradable

What we don’t like about Lifeboost low acid go bags

  • It is not readily available for purchase in major e-commerce stores
  • Requires at least five minutes to make coffee

5. Kopi Luwak White Koffie Low Acid 3 in 1 Instant Coffee

This is an Indonesian brand and is already premixed with low acid instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, and a bit of sugar. Each pack has 20 coffee sticks.

The coffee is lightly roasted Arabica coffee from Indonesia.

What we like about Kopi Luwak 3 in 1 Low Acid Instant Coffee

  • It uses less sugar so you need not worry about a cloyed drink
  • It dissolves easily in hot water and it is easy on your stomach
  • It has a deliciously smooth and creamy flavor

What we don’t like about Kopi Luwak 3 in 1 Low Acid Instant Coffee

  • It is not vegan as the nondairy creamer has milk protein
Kopi Luwak Reduced Acid Premixed Instant Coffee

6. Kopiko Low Acid Instant Coffee (Premixed)

Kopiko low acid premixed coffee is a blend of instant coffee, sugar, and creamer. It is coconut flavored and each bag has 24 premixed coffee sticks.

This instant coffee is made from carefully selected coffee beans that are then roasted to a medium roast level.

The premixed low acid instant coffee sticks are great for camping, college, or the office as they eliminate the need to pack coffee, sugar, and milk separately.

The downside to this coffee is that it contains artificial ingredients such as flavoring and it is already sweetened. It is also not vegan.

4 Tips to Make Low Acid Instant Coffee at Home

  1. Add almond milk. Almond milk has natural alkaline components that can lower the acidity of instant coffee. Almond milk is rich in vitamin E which removes free radicals from your body
  2. Add salt. Adding a pinch of salt to your instant coffee not only reduces the acidity but also reduces bitterness
  3. Add food-grade calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a great antacid. It binds the acid in coffee and makes your instant coffee easy on your stomach. Nutricost calcium carbonate powder is safe for human consumption and is gluten-free and non-GMO. Simply add it to instant coffee until no more calcium carbonate can dissolve.
  4. Add eggshells. Eggshells contain calcium carbonate which helps to lower coffee’s acidity. You can crush boiled eggshells at home and add the powder to instant coffee to reduce its acidity. Boiling the shells kills harmful bacteria such as Salmonella enteritidis.

Final Words About Low Acid Instant Coffee

Despite the huge demand for instant coffee, there are only a few brands that make low-acid instant coffee. Kava Coffee Company is a global leader in producing low acid instant coffee which is available as low acid instant coffee powder, reduced acid instant coffee sticks, and low acid decaf instant coffee.

For premixed low acid instant coffee, you can choose between Kopiko full-sugar instant mix and Kopi Luwak reduced sugar instant coffee mix.


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