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Adding a Keurig that has an attached milk frother to your kitchen is a great way to bring the latte experience to your home.

how to make latte with a Keurig with a frother
You can make a latte at home with a Keurig that has a milk frother

Which Keurigs have a milk frother?

The Keurig K-Cafe Series, K-Latte, and K-Rivo are the only Keurigs with an inbuilt milk frother. The frother is easy to use and provides a convenient frothing option. The Keurig brewers with a frother have a special feature that makes espresso-style shots of coffee for your latte or cappuccino.

There are two models under the Keurig K-Cafe Series: the K-Cafe Special Edition and the regular K-Cafe. The Keurig K-Rivo has been overtaken by the K-Cafe and the K-Latte so we will not be covering it here.

In this article, we will refer to both K-Cafe options (K-Cafe Special Edition and the regular K-Cafe) as simply Keurig K-Cafe.

How the Keurig Milk Frother Works

The Keurig milk frother makes both hot and cold froths and has two fill lines: the lower (cappuccino) fill line and the max (latte) fill line. The minimum fill line allows the frother to add more foam for your cappuccino whereas the max fill line adds less foam for a latte. See this latte guide.

When adding milk into the frother, take caution not to exceed the max fill line or to go under the minimum fill line.

We wrote a separate piece about the differences between milk steamers and frothers which also details how to use different types of frothers.

How To Make A Latte With A Keurig Frother

The milk frother in K-Cafe has 3 buttons: capp, latte, and cold button. A K-Latte frother features only one button – the power button – and gives a hot froth only.

Steps to follow when frothing milk for a hot latte or cappuccino in a Keurig with a frother attachment:

  1. Ensure that the whisk is inside the frother. Add chilled milk up to the desired fill line
  2. Cover the frother with the lid and place the frother on the frother base
  3. Press the appropriate frothing button
    • For the K-Cafe, select the cappuccino or latte option in the K-Cafe frother. The frother beeps once and starts heating up and frothing the milk. The selected button illuminates until frothing is finalized. The frother will beep twice to indicate completion of the frothing process.
    • For the K-Latte, press the power button on the frother to commence frothing. The power button lights up until frothing is achieved and then it blinks and goes off. Frothing in both the K-Cafe and the K-latte takes about 3 minutes
How to make a latte with Keurig

How To Froth Milk For A Cold Latte or Cappuccino With Keurig K-Cafe

  1. Add chilled milk to the desired fill level in the K-Cafe frother
  2. Replace the frother lid and place the frother onto the frother base
  3. Press the cold button on the frother followed by the capp or latte button. Both the cold and the selected capp or latte buttons will illuminate until frothing is done
  4. Pour your frothed cold foam into a glass of ice and add the shot of coffee to make your iced latte or cappuccino. You can add different syrups and toppings such as sugar, honey, or vanilla for extra flavor

You can also replicate the cold foam drinks at Starbucks by adding the foam on top of the iced latte or cappuccino.

Having discussed the basic functionalities of the Keurig frother, let’s have an in-depth look at the features and functionalities of Keurig coffee makers that have a milk frother attachment.

If you are having problems with the K-Cafe or the K-Latte milk frother read this article on how to troubleshoot a Keurig milk frother that is not working. The fixes apply to both the K-Cafe and the K-Latte.

Keurig With Milk Frother: Keurig K-Cafe vs K-Latte

Let us now discuss the similarities and differences between the K-Cafe and K-Latte. Here is a table to help you quickly scan through and compare the brewers.

FeaturesKeurig K-LatteKeurig K-Cafe Special EditionKeurig K-Cafe
Dimensions12.5” Height
8.5” Width
13.2” Depth
12.5” Height
15.3” Width
11.7” Depth
12.5” Height
15.3” Width
11.7” Depth
Foldable Frother BaseNoYesYes
Dishwashable FrotherNoYes. Top rack safeYes. Top rack safe
Type of FrothHot FrothHot and Cold FrothHot and Cold Froth
Latte/Cappuccino Shot2 fl. oz. shot2 fl. oz. shot2 fl. oz. shot
Fits a Travel MugYes. Up to a 7.2″ tall mug with the drip tray removedYes. Up to a 7.2″ tall mug with the drip tray removedYes. Up to a 7.2″ tall mug with the drip tray removed
Water Reservoir30oz detachable60oz detachable60 oz detachable
Coffee Cup Size6oz, 8oz, and 10oz6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz
Strong Brew ButtonNoYesYes
Auto-Off Energy SaverYesYesYes
Smart StartYesYesYes
High Altitude SettingNoYesYes
A comparison table of the features of Keurig K-Latte vs Keurig K-Cafe

Similarities Between Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte

The similarities between the K-Cafe and K-Latte include:

  • Both the Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte have a removable water tank.
  • They use similar water filters. Read more about how to access the water filter in a Keurig coffee maker
  • They both have a milk frother attached to the brewer
  • Both the K-Cafe and K-Latte have a shot brew option that allows you to brew a concentrated shot (2 fl oz) of coffee for your latte or cappuccino
  • They both have smart start capability that allows the brewers to heat up and brew coffee in one smooth process that eliminates the need to wait for preheating before selecting the desired cup size
  • The milk frothers in K-Cafe and K-Latte can froth both dairy milk including skim milk and non-dairy milk such as soy and almond milk
  • You can use up to a 7.2″ tall travel mug with both the K-Cafe and K-Latte by removing the drip tray
  • Both the K-Cafe and K-Latte are compatible with Keurig’s My K-Cup universal reusable coffee filter that enables you to use ground coffee. See the step-by-step guide to brewing with coffee grounds in Keurig
  • Both brewers are energy efficient and have an auto-shutdown capability that turns off the coffee maker following two hours of inactivity to save on energy
  • Both are compatible with single-use K-Cup pods including these amazing K-Cups that make superb iced coffee
Keurig with milk frother
Keurig K-Cafe with an attached frother

Key Differences Between Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte

The main differences between K-Cafe and K-Latte are:

  • Water tank size. Keurig K-Cafe has a water tank that is double (60 oz.) the capacity of the tank in K-Latte (30 oz.)
  • K-Cafe has a milk frother that is capable of producing both cold and hot froths whereas the K-Latte frother always gives a hot froth. Is iced coffee your thing? See how the K-Cafe compares to the other Keurigs for iced coffee.
  • Foldable frother base. The K-Latte has a milk frother base that folds to reduce the overall size of the coffee maker. If you have limited space to accommodate a Keurig with a milk frother, the K-Latte with a foldable frother base might just be what you need.
  • K-Cafe has up to 12 oz. cup size option whereas the largest cup option for a K-Latte is 10 oz.
  • High altitude setting. K-Cafe has a high-altitude setting that is handy when brewing coffee at high altitudes above 5000 ft. K-Latte has no high-altitude setting.
  • The frother in K-Cafe is dishwashable, unlike the K-Latte frother that should be washed in warm soapy water.
  • K-Cafe has a “strong” brew option that when employed, yields bolder and more intense coffee. Keurig K-Latte does not have a strong brew capability
How to make a latte in Keurig K-Cafe

FAQs About Keurig with a Milk Frother

Is the K-Cafe Worth It

The Keurig K-Cafe offers value for the money. It’s a two-in-one coffee maker – a coffee brewer with a milk frother – that changes your entire coffee game. The K-Cafe enables you to make delicious lattes hands-free and eliminates the need for a separate coffee maker and a frother.

The K-Cafe enables you to brew a rich espresso-like 2oz shot of coffee for your latte. The K-Cafe frother can make both hot and cold froths for hot and cold lattes respectively and is capable of frothing dairy and non-dairy milk as well as creamers.


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