Incredible Tips to Convert K-Cups to Keurig Vue Cups

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Despite Keurig discontinuing the Keurig Vue cups, some Keurig users still prefer Vue coffee makers to the new K-Cup brewers. Some of the users claim that the Vue series makes stronger coffee.

Also, we can’t rule out the fact that you get attached to a coffee maker that has served you well over time. Some users have reported that their Keurig Vue coffee makers are still making great coffee over five years later.

Keurig Vue coffee machines are still in retail so new users are likely to buy them without knowing that they need to adapt the coffee maker to use K-Cups. In this post, we discuss how to use K-Cups in Keurig Vue coffee makers.

We also give our recommendation as to the best Keurig Vue adapter for K-Cups.

So, how do you use a Keurig Vue given that Vue cups were discontinued?

You can use K-Cups in Keurig Vue by employing an adapter that pierces and holds the K-Cup in the coffee maker. The adapter also comes with a reusable filter component for use with ground coffee in Keurig Vue.

How to Use K-Cups in Keurig Vue

To use K-Cups in a Keurig Vue coffee maker, you need an adapter that is specially made for this machine. The regular My K-Cup adapter can not work in Keurig Vue.

Keurig Vue coffee makers have only one needle at the top which pierces the foil seal of a Vue Cup and juts water into the pod. Vue cups had a funnel on the side which channeled the coffee from the pod.

Keurig coffee makers that use K-Cups, on the other hand, have two needles. The bottom needle pierces the bottom of the cup and coffee exits the pod through this needle.

Therefore, the special adapter for Keurig Vue must have a hollow needle to pierce the K-Cup, otherwise, a needless adapter will cause major problems and probably break your Vue coffee maker.

There are numerous adapters for Keurig Vue and here are the two best adapters for Keurig Vue.

The K2V Cup Keurig Vue Adapter

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • BPA free plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • The needle is sturdy
  • Free reusable filter with a long-lasting mesh

What we don’t like

  • Can cause overflow problems when not used properly
K2V cup for Keurig Vue
K2V adapter for the Keurig Vue

The K2V Keurig Vue adapter is easy to use and features a reusable coffee filter and a cup with a hollow needle. The needle is sturdy enough to withstand repeatedly puncturing K-Cups.

The cup accommodates the full height of a K-Cup and fits inside the cup holder assembly in a Keurig Vue machine. The plastic is BPA free and the reusable filter has a mesh screen that is made from heavy-duty stainless steel that is long-lasting.

How to use K-Cup with the K2V Keurig Vue adapter

  • Remove the reusable filter basket from the cup
  • Insert the K-Cup in the adapter cup
  • Push the K-Cup down so that the needle goes through the bottom of the pod. Ensure the seal of the pod is flush with the adapter
  • Insert the adapter in the coffee maker and push it down so that the adapter and the K-Cup are flush with the holder assembly in the machine. No parts of the K2V or K-Cup should be sticking out.
  • Lower the lid and brew the coffee

To use ground coffee in the K2V Keurig Vue adapter:

  • Add ground coffee to the K2V reusable filter and close the lid
  • Insert the reusable filter in the K2V cup. The filter basket does not reach the needle underneath it
  • Insert the cup in the Vue machine and brew the coffee

Solofill K-onverter K-Cup for Keurig Vue

What we like

  • A removable piece with a needle for easy cleaning
  • BPA-free
  • Multi-stream spray head
  • Compatible with a reusable filter
  • Dishwasher safe

What we do not like

  • The locking tabs tend to come off
Solofill K-onverter
Solofill K-onverter for Keurig Vue

Solofill K-onverter for Keurig Vue features a plastic cup and an adapter with a sharp hollow needle. The adapter is removable which makes it easy to clean the needle. The cup can accommodate a reusable filter when you remove the adapter.

To use a K-Cup in the Solofill K-onverter for Keurig Vue:

  • Insert the adapter with the needle into the Solofill cup
  • Insert a K-Cup into the Solofill cup and push it down the needle
  • Close the lid and push the closing tabs in
  • Insert the Solofill cup into the Keurig Vue
  • Brew your coffee

To use ground coffee in the Solofill K-converter for Keurig Vue

  • Remove the adapter with the needle from the cup
  • Add ground coffee to your reusable filter
  • Put the reusable filter inside the Solofill cup
  • Close the cap and push the closing tabs in
  • Insert the cup in the Keurig Vue and make the coffee

Common Problems with Keurig Vue Adapters

Some Keurig Vue adapter users have stated that the coffee grounds tend to end up in the coffee. To prevent this problem, always push the K-Cup down so that the top of the K-Cup is flush with the rim of the adapter cup.

Also, when inserting the cup into the coffee maker, push it down so that the cup is not sticking out.

Another trick is to turn the adapter cup and the K-Cup upside down when pushing the K-Cup through the needle. This prevents grounds from entering the hollow part of the needle.

See here the top K-Cups for flavorful over ice coffee.

Final Verdict

Both the K2V cup and the Solofill K-onverter are great choices when using K-Cups in a Keurig Vue coffee maker. However, we are not overly impressed with the Solofill push in tabs that are likely to come off with time. So the K2V adapter for Keurig Vue slightly edges out the Solofill K-onverter.

Here is a video that illustrates the K2V cup in action

A video showing how to use K-Cups with the K2V adapter in Keurig Vue


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