What is Keurig Multi-Stream Technology?

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Over the years, Keurig has endeavored to deliver coffee makers that make better coffee, improve your brewing experience, and save space and more energy than older models. Keurig’s innovations that seek to improve the taste and aroma of your coffee have centered around improving the

  • quality of K-cups
  • quality of water. This includes filtration and water temperature control
  • contact time between water and coffee
  • brew-strength control

In recent years, Keurig has introduced a game-changing, multi-stream technology that is likely to become a standard feature in all future Keurig coffee makers.

This blog post discusses Keurig’s multi-stream system, how it impacts the quality of coffee, and which coffee makers have this technology.

What is Keurig Multi-Stream Technology?

Keurig multi-stream technology is a new feature where a Keurig coffee maker has five entrance needles instead of one. Multi-stream technology saturates the coffee grounds more evenly for a deeper flavor and aroma than single-stream technology.

How the Keurig Multi-Stream Technology Works

A Keurig coffee maker has two types of needles; an entrance needle and an exit needle. Older Keurig models use a single-stream technology that has one entrance needle that punctures and shoots water into the K-cup. The needle makes a single hole through the seal of a K-cup.

A single entrance needle is likely to wet some parts of the K-cup more than others and cause an uneven extraction.

A multi-stream system corrects this by using multiple needles to shower the grounds with water at equal pressure. The needles puncture multiple holes through the seal of a K-cup.

This means that different parts of the K-cup are showered with water at the same time. Consequently, flavor and aroma compounds are pulled evenly from the grounds which leads to superior taste and aroma.

What K-Cups Does a Keurig Multi-Stream System Use?

A Keurig multi-stream coffee maker uses regular K-cups so there is no need to change your K-cups supply when you replace an old Keurig with a multi-stream brewer. However, Keurig multi-stream coffee makers use a special reusable K-cup which has five holes when brewing with ground coffee.

This reusable cup is called a multi-stream reusable cup. Read this guide about brewing with ground coffee in Keurig. Avoid using a single-stream K-cup in a Keurig with multi-stream technology as it will cause spraying.

See the Keurig Multistream Reusable K-cup below.

Keurig multistream reusable k-cup

Which Keurig Coffee Makers have Multistream Technology?

Currently, only the Keurig K-Slim and the Keurig K-Supreme series which includes the base K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus, and K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee makers have multistream technology.

Whereas most of the K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus features are similar, the K-Supreme Plus has a slight edge in the following aspects:

  • Water tank. It has a 78 oz tank as compared to 66 oz in the K-Supreme base model
  • Temperature and brew strength. K-Supreme Plus has 3 settings for brew strength and temperature
  • You can save up to 3 favorite brew settings whereas the K-Supreme base model does not have this feature.

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is the newest Keurig coffee maker and it’s, in many ways, superior to both the K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus. It integrates some cool, cutting-edge technology such as brew-id which reads a K-cup and auto-selects the appropriate settings for great coffee.

Keurig has preloaded the roaster-recommended brew settings for the major K-cup varieties into this coffee maker to improve your brewing experience.

Keurig K-Supreme Smart is the most technologically advanced and smart Keurig brewer so far. You can run this coffee maker using the Keurig app on your mobile or iPad plus a wifi connection.

This brewer allows you to save up to ten custom brew settings. Like the previous K-Supreme models, you can make a strong, over-ice brew. This coffee maker comes with five temperature settings and five brew-strength settings, which are both the highest of any Keurig coffee maker.

It has a large, 78oz, removable water tank which is easy to clean and refill with water. See the Keurig multistream K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee maker below.

Keurig multistream coffee maker

The Keurig K-Slim multi-stream coffee maker is cheaper than the K-Supreme series and makes great coffee. It can save you up to $70 on the K-Supreme Plus Smart. It has three cup size options (8,10, and 12 oz) and the removable reservoir is fairly big at 46 oz. This brewer is only five inches wide so it will fit in thin spaces.

However, the K-Slim has neither temperature control nor “Strong” brew capability so it’s not a good choice for brewing large mugs of coffee and iced coffee. The K-Supreme Plus and Supreme Plus Smart are better choices if you like strong coffee.

Keurig K-Slim with multi-stream technology

Final Thoughts on Keurig Multistream Technology

Keurig multistream technology delivers full flavor and aroma to your coffee by improving the way that water comes into contact with the grounds. This technology uses multiple needles to deliver multiple streams of water to saturate the grounds more evenly.

Currently, the best Keurig multistream coffee maker is the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee maker which is also the smartest Keurig so far. It combines multistream technology, temperature control, brew-strength control, and brew-id feature to make amazing coffee every time.

FAQs About Keurig Multi-Stream System

Is Keurig Multistream Technology Worth it?

Yes, Keurig’s multistream technology is worth it as it makes great coffee with deeper flavors and aroma due to the improved extraction process. Moreover, the newest Keurig multi-stream coffee maker, K-Supreme plus smart, comes with cutting-edge technology and improved performance which enhances your overall brewing experience.

Does the Keurig K-Cafe Have Multi-Stream?

No, both the Keurig K-Cafe and the K-Duo Plus do not have multi-stream. They both use one entrance needle with one hole to deliver water to the grounds.


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