Can You Use Ground Coffee in a Keurig? (Explained)

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Are you looking for ways to use regular coffee in your Keurig?

Keurig coffee makers provide a quick and convenient way to make coffee and there is a wide variety of K-Cups to choose from. However, nothing beats brewing your coffee with fresh coffee beans.

Moreover, brewing with ground coffee in Keurig would be a key step to addressing the impact of single-use coffee pods on the environment.

Can you use ground coffee in a Keurig?

Yes, you can use ground coffee in Keurig by utilizing a reusable filter for single cups or either a mesh filter or flat-bottom paper filters for the carafe side. Be sure to use the right grind size to prevent ground coffee from clogging the filter and getting into your coffee.

My K-Cup universal reusable filter works with Keurig single-serve coffee makers whereas both the gold-tone mesh filter and the flat bottomed paper filter work with carafe brewers.

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Reusable k-cup filters feature a cup-shaped mesh filter that fits in the k-cup holder in the Keurig single-serve brewer. Keurig has also introduced another single-serve reusable filter known as My K-Cup Universal Reusable Filter as shown in the picture below.

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Keurig Universal Reusable Filter

My K-Cup Reusable Coffee filter for Keurig
Reusable Keurig filter

Components of Keurig Universal Reusable Filter

Keurig single-cup universal reusable filter has 4 components: a plastic housing, a lid, a demountable adapter at the bottom, and a removable filter that inserts into the housing. This filter can hold a maximum of 17 grams of grounds and has two fill lines: a cup fill line and a travel mug fill line.

Here are the steps to follow when using coffee grounds in a Keurig single-serve brewer

  1. Grind your favorite coffee beans to make fresh grounds.
  2. Firmly hold the housing of your Reusable My K-Cup Universal Filter and turn the lid anticlockwise to unlock. Open the lid and remove the filter basket.
  3. Add coffee grounds into the basket to one of the two lines – the travel cup line or single-cup line
  4. Insert the filter in the holder, cap it, and turn the cover to the “lock” position. If the cover is not tight, remove the filter basket and place the cover on the basket before inserting the basket into the holder. Turn the cover clockwise to lock.
  5. Lift the handle of your brewer and push the K-Cup holder from the bottom to pop it out of the brewer.
  6. Insert the reusable filter in the brewer, to replace the K-Cup pod holder, so that the arrow on the lid is pointing to the brewer-pointing away from you.
  7. Close the handle. Ensure your brewer’s reservoir has water up to the fill level.
  8. Brew the desired size of your cup of coffee.
  9. Open the handle and discard the used grounds. Enjoy your fresh cup of coffee

How to Use Ground Coffee to Brew a Carafe in Keurig

To brew regular coffee in a Keurig carafe coffee maker, you can use either the gold-tone mesh filter or flat-bottom paper filters.

1. How To Use Keurig Gold-Tone Mesh Filter

Gold-tone mesh filter for Keurig
Keurig carafe reusable filter

The gold-tone mesh filter is compatible with Keurigs that can brew a carafe such as Keurig Duo Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Makers and the K-Duo Essentials.

Steps to follow when using the reusable gold-tone mesh filter for Keurig,

  1. Grind your beans to a coarser to medium grind size
  2. Add the coffee grounds to the mesh filter at a brew ratio of 1:18 or 1 tablespoon per 6oz of water. You can adjust the coffee ratio for a stronger or weaker brew
  3. Open the handle on the carafe side of your brewer and insert the reusable carafe filter, and close the handle
  4. Place a carafe on the carafe drip tray.
  5. Ensure the water tank has water to the maximum line and brew your carafe coffee
  6. Serve the coffee into your cup and enjoy

2. How to Use a Paper Filter with Ground Coffee in Keurig Carafe Brewer

Keurig Duo carafe paper filters

Instructions for Keurig Paper Filters:

  1. Rinse your flat-bottomed paper with warm water and remove the taste of paper
  2. Open the handle on the carafe side of the coffee maker and gently insert the paper filter
  3. Add the grounds and close the handle
  4. Check that the reservoir is full
  5. Place a carafe on the drip tray on the carafe side
  6. Brew your coffee
  7. When brewing is done, open the handle, carefully lift the wet filter out of the brewer and discard it together with the grounds.
  8. Pour some coffee into a cup and enjoy

These PureHQ biodegradable single-use paper filters are compatible with the K-Duo, K-Duo Plus, and K-Duo Essentials. If you have a Keurig 2.0 coffee maker the E-Z carafe disposable paper filters are a good fit for the carafe side of the brewer.

Keurig Grind Size

When using regular coffee in Keurig, like in other coffee makers, the size of your grind has an impact on the extraction process. Keurig recommends starting with a coarser grind that is similar to the grind size of a french press. Work your way towards a medium to medium-fine grind to find the right grind size for your brew.

A finer grind will clog the reusable filter and slow down or totally disrupt the brewing process. Very fine grounds will seep through the filter basket and end up in your coffee.

Important Tip

Avoid compacting the coffee grounds in the filter because it can slow down the brewing process.

Keurig Grounds to Water Ratio

The golden ratio for coffee grinds to water is 1-2 tablespoons of grounds per 6 oz of water. Using this ratio as a general guide, you can adjust the amounts of grounds to come up with a ratio that satisfies your needs.

Why You Should Use Coffee Grounds in Keurig

The benefits of using coffee grounds in Keurig include

  1. Using fresh coffee grounds in Keurig enhances the flavor of your coffee.
  2. You are able to improve the strength of your brew by adjusting the coffee ratio
  3. You can create your own blend of coffee with different coffee beans.
  4. It is cost-saving. A tub of coffee is more affordable than a single-serve pod and you get less product with the coffee pod. You also use the same batch of coffee in different coffee makers such as pour-over coffee makers unlike k-cups that only go with single-serve brewers
  5. Using coffee grounds in Keurig is more convenient, especially in areas where K-Cup pods are not available to you. Coffee beans are readily available in most supermarkets and convenience stores.
  6. Using coffee grounds in Keurig is more environmentally friendly. You eliminate the frequent disposal of single-use K pods.

Related Questions

My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter Does Not Fit

My K-Cup universal reusable filter has a detachable adapter that is not compatible with the Keurig Classic series: you need to remove the adapter for the filter to fit in your brewer.

To use the reusable universal filter with the K-Classic series coffee maker, detach the adapter by pressing your thumb firmly on the adapter opening while holding the top of the filter housing with your other hand. Set the adapter aside and insert the filter into your brewer.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Reusable Coffee Filters?

To clean a reusable K-Cup or a reusable gold-tone filter,

  1. Remove the filter from the brewer and discard the grounds into a garbage bag
  2. Run water through the filter to remove loose grounds
  3. If your reusable filter is top-rack dishwashable, wash it in the top rack as per the directions of the manufacturer
  4. If not dishwasher-safe or you do not have a dishwasher, soak the filter basket in hot water and use a plastic brush to agitate the grounds from the mesh.
  5. To remove stubborn oils and fine grounds, soak the basket overnight in vinegar and water solution that is in the ratio of 1:2
  6. After soaking, use a plastic brush to scrub off any remnants of coffee grounds
  7. Rinse the reusable filter under running water to remove vinegar residues
  8. Always check your reusable filter for signs of damage especially on the mesh to prevent grounds from ending up in your coffee. Replace your reusable K-Cup if the mesh is damaged.


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