Can You Open a K-Cup and Use in a Regular Coffee Maker?

There are numerous reasons why you would want to open a K-Cup and use it on a regular coffee maker:

  • Your Keurig has broken down and is not working
  • You have purchased K-Cups by mistake and you do not have a Keurig
  • Your K-Cups have broken seals or damaged pods such that you can not use them in the Keurig
  • You have K-Cups but you do not wish to brew them in the Keurig

Obviously, the best way to brew coffee is by using fresh coffee grounds in a coffee maker but you do not have to discard your favorite K-Cups just because you do not have a Keurig.

Can you open a K-Cup and use it in a regular coffee maker?

Yes, K-Cups contain ground coffee that you can use in a regular coffee maker of your choice. The coffee in K-Cups has a medium-fine to fine grind size so you may want to use a coffee filter that will keep sediments out of your coffee.

How to Use K-Cups in a Regular Coffee Maker

A K-Cup pod is both a storage and a filtration device. Each K-Cup pod contains regular ground coffee of a medium-fine or fine-grind size. Although K-Cups are meant to be used in Keurig coffee makers, you can open them and use the grounds in a regular coffee maker.

You may want to use a coffee filter that is suitable for the finer grounds in the K-Cup. The amount of coffee in a K-Cup varies by brand and the boldness of each K-Cup.

The easiest way to measure the grounds in the K-Cups is by opening one pod and emptying the grounds on a tablespoon to see how many level tablespoons you get from the pod.

For example, if you get two tablespoons then you know that each K-Cup of that brand and boldness has two tablespoons. This way you do not have to measure the grounds each time you open a K-Cup to use it in a regular coffee maker.

If you are looking for ways to make coffee with K-Cups without a coffee maker the guide in the link is for you.

How to Use K-Cup Coffee Pods in a French Press

Brewing coffee in a French press involves immersing coffee grounds in water for coffee solubles to extract and dissolve before filtering out the brewed coffee.

Usually, a coarse grind is recommended for the French press but you can also make amazing coffee with a finer grind in a French press using a coffee ratio of 1:17. This makes the French press suitable for the finer grounds in K-Cups.

Let’s discuss how to use coffee pods in a French press

Materials: K-Cups, a French press, hot filtered water, tablespoon, measuring cup, a timer, a mug


  1. Open the lid of the French press and set it aside
  2. Remove the seal of a K-Cup. You may need to use several K-Cups depending on the amount of coffee that you need to brew. Use a coffee ratio of 2 tablespoons per six ounces of water. In most cases, one K-Cup will have 2 tablespoons but extra bold K-Cups may have up to 3 tablespoons of coffee
  3. Measure and add two tablespoons of coffee pod grounds to a French press
  4. Add six ounces (170ml) of hot water per two tablespoons to the French press
  5. Leave the French press open for five minutes and then scoop out the floating sediments with a spoon
  6. Cover the French press and plunge up to the coffee level to avoid disturbing the settling grounds
  7. Wait for a further two minutes and then pour the coffee into a cup as gently as possible without disturbing the grounds.

How to Use K-Cups in the AeroPress

Did you know that you can use K-Cups to brew either hot or cold coffee in an AeroPress in under three minutes? Not only that, this method makes bold espresso-style coffee without bitterness. Here is how to use K-Cups in the AeroPress.

Materials: Aeropress and filter, hot or cold water, K-Cups, a mug


  1. Rinse the AeroPress paper filter in water to eliminate the taste of paper
  2. Remove the plunger from the AeroPress chamber
  3. Insert the filter in the filter cap and screw the cap onto the chamber
  4. Stand the chamber on your coffee mug so that the filter cap is on top of the mug
  5. Add three tablespoons of ground coffee from the K-Cups and shake to level the grinds
  6. Add hot or cold water to the first mark in the chamber for hot coffee or cold coffee respectively
  7. Use a paddle or spoon to stir the wet grounds in the chamber for 10 seconds and 60 seconds for hot and cold brew respectively
  8. Insert the plunger and gently push it down until it reaches the grounds or it makes a hissing sound
  9. Remove the coffee maker and unscrew the filter cap. Eject the grounds and filter into a trash can and drop the coffee maker in the sink
  10. Dilute the coffee with hot water or hot milk to drink hot coffee and chilled milk with ice in the case of cold coffee

How To Use K-Cups in a Pour-over Coffee Maker (Hario V60)

Materials: a goosenecked kettle, V60 coffee maker and filter, hot water, K-Cups, a measuring cup, a mug, a tablespoon, a timer

Coffee Ratio: Two tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water


  1. Heat water to near boiling point
  2. Measure enough water to match the ratio of 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water add it to the gooseneck kettle
  3. Place the Hario V60paper filter in the filter cone and stand the cone on a mug
  4. Preheat and rinse the filter by adding hot water over it. Empty the mug
  5. Open the K-cup and add two tablespoons of the grounds to the preheated filter
  6. Use the goosenecked kettle to add hot water over the filter in a circular motion for 30 seconds while ensuring a flat coffee bed
  7. Give a 30-45 seconds break for the grounds to bloom
  8. Add more water uniformly over the K-Cup grounds for about a minute and stir the grounds with a spoon to even the extraction process
  9. Add the rest of the water and wait for the coffee to stop dripping
  10. Remove the cone and toss the filter and grounds into the trash
  11. Enjoy the coffee

Wrap up

If your Keurig has broken down, you do not have to be jittery about getting your caffeine fix. You can open your favorite K-Cups and use them in a regular coffee maker.

You can use K-Cups in just about any coffee maker that you have as long as you use a coffee filter that suits the finer grounds in K-Cups.

Ideally, you do not want to be brewing with K-Cups in regular coffee makers as you can make much better coffee with fresh coffee beans.

However, K-Cups in a regular coffee maker can be an occasional thing when your Keurig is not working or you have wrongly ordered K-Cups and you can not return them.


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