How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker

How to clean Braun coffee maker

Braun coffee makers fall under two main categories: multi-serve and brewsense. Braun Multiserve coffee makers, as the name suggests, can brew different sizes of coffee from a small 5oz cup to a full carafe and in-between.

Braun Brewsense on the other hand can brew one to four cups or a full carafe.

The normal day-to-day cleaning of a Braun coffee maker involves cleaning the water tank, brew basket and holder, and the carafe and lid in soapy water.

Using a damp cloth to wipe down the external parts of the machine will remove fingerprints and blemishes. Be sure to switch off and unplug the machine before cleaning.

Every once in a while you should clean the Braun coffee maker with vinegar to decalcify its internal water lines. Since Braun Multiserve and Brewsense coffee makers have slightly different features, we will tackle their cleaning procedures separately.

Before commencing the cleaning process, be sure that you have about one hour to spare as the process takes a bit of time.

Materials: Distilled white vinegar 30oz, dishwashing soap, soft sponge, fresh water, an empty bowl

How to Clean Braun Multi-serve coffee maker

  1. Remove the machine’s water filter holder from the water container. Open the water container and locate the upright holder that should be easy to remove
  2. Open the brew basket assembly and remove the gold-tone filter
  3. Add equal parts of water and equal parts of vinegar into the water container
  4. Switch Braun multi-serve coffee maker on and shift the drip control lever to “Coffee” and then turn the size selector knob to a full carafe
  5. Press the clean button to commence a cleaning cycle. The machine will dispense the vinegar solution through both the coffee and hot water drip valves. Braun multi-serve coffee maker has a cleaning timer that will count down from “23” as cleaning continues. The clean cycle is complete when the clean button starts flashing. The timer will be at “4”
  6. Empty the carafe. Refill the water tank with clean water and replace the carafe under the drip panel
  7. Press the clean button to flush the coffee maker. The cleaning timer will resume the count down until all the water is cycled through the coffee maker. The cleaning timer will go to zero and change to the regular timer. The coffee maker will shut down when the cleaning timer reaches zero.
  8. Empty the carafe and refill the tank with fresh water to flush the machine again
  9. Switch the machine on and press the light button to run a brew cycle with just water. When the cycle is complete, empty the water carafe. You may want to repeat another water-only cycle if the coffee maker still smells like vinegar.
  10. You may want to repeat the rinse cycle and focus on the hot water drip valve to remove any residues of vinegar. Refill the tank with fresh water and shift the drip control lever to hot water and turn the knob to a full carafe size. Press the water button. The machine will dispense water and make a sound when it is done rinsing.
  11. Add 2-3 drops of dishwashing soap to a soft sponge and clean the brew basket. Rinse the basket with clean water. Wipe down the external parts of the coffee machine.
  12. Wash the carafe with soapy water and rinse it thoroughly to avoid leaching vinegar residues into the coffee
  13. You may want to change the charcoal filter if it is due for replacement. Replace the filter that is in the water container and the gold-tone filter in the machine

How to Clean Braun Brewsense Coffee Maker

  1. Remove the filter basket and the filter holder from the water container
  2. Fill the water tank with equal parts of water and white vinegar
  3. Turn the coffee maker on
  4. Press the clean button followed by the brew button. The coffee maker will start running the vinegar solution through the water lines. Both the brew and clean buttons will continue flashing for the duration of the clean cycle
  5. The brew and clean buttons will go off upon completion of the clean cycle
  6. Empty the carafe and refill the tank with clean water
  7. Switch the machine on and press the brew button to run a full carafe brew cycle to flush the machine
  8. Empty the carafe and run another water-only brew cycle to fully cleanse the coffee maker
  9. Use a soft sponge and dishwashing soap to clean the filter basket and wipe down the outer parts of the coffee maker. Rinse the basket thoroughly
  10. Clean and rinse the carafe thoroughly
  11. Replace the filter holder inside the water container

When Should You Descale a Braun Coffee Maker

Usually, the clean light on a Braun coffee maker will start flashing when it’s time to descale. However, you do not have to wait until the descale prompt comes on.

If the flow of coffee from the coffee maker seems obstructed or the taste of your coffee has changed, then consider descaling to remove the limescale and debris that may be lodged in the water lines.

Ideally, you want to descale your Braun coffee maker every 3-6 months depending on

  • how frequently do you use it
  • the hardness of your water

How to Change Braun Coffee Maker Charcoal Filter

The charcoal water filter in a Braun coffee maker functions the same way as in other drip coffee makers such as Cuisinart and Keurig. You want to change the carbon filter every 2 months as it is bound to accumulate the bad odors and flavors that it is trapping from water.

This article about changing the charcoal filter in a Cuisinart coffee maker will guide you to change the charcoal filter in a Braun coffee maker as the steps and the filters work the same way.

Charcoal filters are usually specific to a coffee maker’s brand and model number so be sure to purchase charcoal filters that are compatible with your coffee maker.


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