Can You Froth Creamer? (Plus 4 Ways to Froth Creamer at Home)

When it comes to enriching your coffee, milk and cream have, for a long time, been popular choices to hush the acidity and bitter taste of the coffee. Lately, creamer has emerged as an effective substitute for both milk and cream.

Coffee creamer has a longer shelflife than fresh milk and is available in dairy-free options that are lactose-free. Some creamers are available in tantalizing flavors hence more people are choosing creamer over milk.

However, most people are unsure as to whether you can froth creamer.

So, can you froth creamer?

Yes, you can froth creamer in a milk frother in the same way that you foam milk. Cold creamer froths much better than hot creamer. However, creamer concentrate can not be frothed so you simply add it straight to your coffee.

Can you froth creamer?
Coffee creamer can substitute milk and cream in your coffee

You can froth creamer with any type of milk frother including jug frothers and steam wands. When frothing coffee creamer, check whether your frother can heat up the cream or you need to warm the creamer after frothing.

For example, you need to heat creamer after frothing with a handheld frother, a French press, or a mixer.

To froth powdered coffee creamer add 3 tablespoonfuls of creamer powder into a pitcher and add 150 ml warm water. Stir to dissolve the creamer and then froth the solution using a milk frother.

For the best results when frothing creamer

  • Use liquid coffee creamer
  • Chilled creamer froths much better than warm creamer

See our definitive guide on milk frothers and steamers that also details how to use them.

What is Creamer?

Creamer, coffee creamer, is a store-bought substitute for milk that is most often flavored and is either in liquid or powder form.

A majority of coffee creamers are lactose-free although they may contain casein – a milk protein. Non-dairy creamer is also known as a coffee whitener.

The ingredients in a non-dairy coffee creamer vary depending on the brand. Most dairy-free creamers contain vegetable oil, water, sodium caseinate, corn syrup, and flavorings.

Dairy coffee creamers are usually a sweetened and flavored combination of cream and real milk. Non-dairy coffee creamers are more popular than dairy creamers. To most people, coffee creamer implies non-dairy creamers.

We have a separate post that focuses on how long your creamer will last.

How to Froth Coffee Creamer at Home

1. How to Froth Creamer With a Hand Frother

Add creamer into a jug and insert a hand frother so that its whisk is just below the creamer’s surface. Switch the frother on to add air. Turn the frother off when you have made sufficient foam. Warm the frothed creamer in a microwave or use it cold.

2. How to Froth Creamer With a Jug Frother

  1. Add creamer into the jug up to the desired fill level
  2. Cover the jug
  3. Plug and switch the jug frother on
  4. Press the cold or hot froth feature
  5. Wait until frothing is done
  6. Pour the frothed creamer into a cup

Some jug frothers such as Keurig milk frother and Nespresso Aeroccino and barista frother can make both hot and cold foam. The Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker has an inbuilt frother that is capable of also making hot and cold foam.

I discussed how to use the Keurig frother and Keurig K-Cafe in a different post that I think will be an interesting read for you.

3. How to Froth Coffee Creamer Using a Plunger (French Press)

  1. Remove the lid together with the plunger
  2. Add warm or hot creamer into the chamber to below the halfway line
  3. Replace the lid and gently plunge up and down until you have generated sufficient foam
  4. Pour the foam into a cup, add some coffee and enjoy your drink

4. How to Froth Creamer With a Steam Wand

  1. Turn the espresso machine on and ensure it thas built up sufficient pressure for steaming
  2. Pour cold coffee creamer into a pitcher
  3. Purge the wand
  4. Insert the wand to just below the creamer’s surface and turn the steamer on
  5. Add sufficient air into the cream for about 3 seconds and then lower the wand further into the milk
  6. Continue steaming until the base of the pitcher becomes a little too hot to hold
  7. Wipe the wand and purge it
  8. Add the hot frothed creamer to your coffee

How to Use Coffee Creamer in Coffee

Whether you are brewing a hot latte, iced coffee, or just a regular cup of coffee, you can add a coffee creamer instead of milk. Liquid coffee creamer is perfect when you want to make some foam.

For powdered coffee creamer, use a spoon to scoop the desired amount and add it to your coffee and you are good to go.

Coffee creamer is sold as ready for use so you can directly add it, liquid or powder, to your coffee and drink. You may want to froth liquid creamer to make delicious lattes and Caffe Misto. Coffee creamer froths in the same way as milk.

Read everything that you need to know about Caffe Misto and how to make it at home.

If you are experiencing creamer problems such as curdling or chunky coffee creamer, read our comprehensive article about the reasons why creamer curdles and how to avoid them.

Recap on How to Froth Creamer

You can use a coffee creamer in a milk frother to texture the creamer for a latte. Coffee creamer froths like milk and you can froth creamer using any type of milk frother. You may need to heat the creamer if your frother has no heating capability.

Chilled liquid creamer yields the best results when frothing creamer.

FAQs About Frothing Creamer

Can You Warm Up Creamer?

Yes, you can warm creamer to your desired temperature but you should avoid scorching it. Scorched creamer has a very bad taste and you would have to discard it. You can warm creamer in a microwave or even on a stove.

Some frothers have no capacity to heat the creamer when frothing and you need to heat the creamer after frothing.

Can You Froth Coffee-Mate Creamer?

You can froth liquid coffee matte creamer using any frother in a similar way that you froth regular milk or cream. For example, to froth coffee matte in a milk frother such as Keurig milk frother:

1. Pour coffee matte into the frother up to the latte or cappuccino level
2. Cover the frother with its lid
3. Plug the frother into a power source
4. Press the hot froth feature or cold froth depending on your choice of froth
5. When the frothing light disappears, it indicates that frothing is done
6. Add the milk into a cup of coffee.

Can You Drink Coffee Creamer by Itself?

Can I drink Coffee Creamer by itself

Yes, you can drink plain coffee creamer like you would drink milk without causing harm to yourself. Pour yourself a cup of your choice of creamer and drink it hot or cold.

However, non-dairy coffee creamers may contain trans fats and artificial sugars that can impact your well-being in the long run. So, it would be prudent of you to drink coffee creamer in moderation.

Can You Froth Flavored Creamer?

You can froth both flavored and unflavored creamer before adding it to your coffee. Flavored creamers add tantalizing tastes that have you looking forward to the next cup of coffee.

Some people like to mix creamers of different flavors to make a rich blend for an exciting cuppa. If you are having problems when frothing flavored creamer, try mixing the creamer with whole milk to increase the fat content.

Alternatively, froth the flavored creamer with a manual frother and warm it in the microwave before adding it to your cuppa.


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