Dutch Bros White Zombie (11 Best Ways to Order It)

Dutch Bros Coffee has some of the best drink options around. The drive-thru coffee chain is popular for its delicious drinks with eccentric names such as the white zombie, tiger’s blood, and fire lizard among others.

This article seeks to help you understand everything about the Dutch Bros white zombie line of drinks and the different ways to order this delicious flavor.

What is a White Zombie at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros white zombie is any drink that is flavored with white chocolate sauce and vanilla syrup. The combination of vanilla and white chocolate is what makes it a white zombie. A white zombie drink can be a latte, cold brew, frost, freeze, mocha, chai, or even soda.

Despite the name, you do not have to wait for Halloween to order a white zombie drink as the flavors in it are on the core menu.

Sugar-free white zombie is available with sugar-free vanilla and sugar-free white chocolate.

The milk options for a white zombie include breve (half and half), chocolate milk, whole milk, Dutch Bros ice cream mix, 2 percent milk, plant milk, and heavy cream. Dutch Bros offers both hot and cold white zombie drinks. The cold white zombie drinks can be blended, iced, or cold pour.

The white zombie flavor is also delicious in Dutch Bros kids’ drinks.

Best White Zombie Drinks from Dutch Bros

  1. White Coffee White Zombie Mocha
  2. White zombie latte
  3. White zombie hot cocoa
  4. White zombie chai
  5. White zombie frost
  6. White zombie freeze
  7. White zombie mocha freeze
  8. Iced white zombie mocha
  9. Iced white zombie chai
  10. Iced white zombie latte
  11. White zombie cold brew

White Zombie Hot Drinks

1. White Zombie Mocha

The white zombie mocha is a punchy blend of espresso, Dutch Bros signature chocolate milk, vanilla, and white chocolate sauce. It is topped with whipped cream and drizzled mocha sauce.

You can order this drink with white coffee or white espresso which is brewed with partially roasted coffee beans or with regular espresso. White coffee is easy on your stomach as it’s less acidic than regular coffee.

White zombie mocha with white coffee is known as a white coffee white zombie mocha.

For a sugar-free white zombie mocha, ask for sugar-free chocolate sauce, your choice of milk, sugar-free vanilla, and sugar-free white chocolate sauce.

See other sugar-free flavors from Dutch Bros.

2. White Zombie Latte

The white zombie latte is a tasty combination of espresso, your choice of milk, white chocolate sauce, and vanilla and is topped with whip. For an indulgent choice, order a white zombie breve which is a latte with half and half, vanilla, and white mocha sauce.

Like the mocha option, you can order a white zombie latte with regular espresso or white espresso.

3. White Zombie Hot Cocoa

The white zombie hot cocoa is a delectable mix of the Dutch signature chocolate milk, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup. The topping consists of whipped cream and drizzled chocolate sauce.

Sugar-free white zombie hot cocoa is made with regular milk, sugar-free chocolate sauce, unsweetened white chocolate sauce, and sugar-free vanilla. The topping is also unsweetened.

4. White Zombie Chai

Dutch Bros white zombie chai combines spiced chai concentrate, your choice of milk, vanilla, and white chocolate sauce. It’s served with a whipped cream topping.

The white zombie chai latte can be ordered with chocolate milk for a yummier flavor.

White Zombie Cold Drinks

5. White Zombie Dutch Frost

The white zombie Dutch frost is a caffeine-free mini-dessert in a cup. It is a blended mix of Dutch Bros’ rich ice cream mix, ice, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup. It has an indulgent topping of whipped cream.

The white zombie Dutch frost can be made sugar-free without the ice cream mix or you can lower its sugar and calories by ordering it with the Dutch frost mix and with sugar-free vanilla and white chocolate sauce.

6. White Zombie Dutch Freeze

The white zombie Dutch freeze is a blended coffee drink that is flavored with delicious white chocolate mocha sauce and vanilla syrup. It gets espresso, ice, your choice of milk, vanilla syrup, and white chocolate sauce. These ingredients are blended together and topped with whipped cream

The white zombie Dutch freeze is also available sugar-free. Try it with breve or a mixture of milk and cream for a richer taste.

See the difference between Dutch freeze and Dutch frost.

7. White Zombie Mocha Freeze

Dutch Bros white zombie mocha freeze is similar to a black and white espresso frappuccino from Starbucks. It combines both white chocolate and dark chocolate.

The white zombie mocha freeze is a blended mix of chocolate milk, espresso, ice, vanilla, and white chocolate. It is topped with whipped cream and you can ask for a mocha drizzle.

You can have a sugar-free white zombie mocha freeze without the chocolate milk and instead use regular milk and unsweetened mocha sauce. Simply ask for a sugar-free white zombie mocha freeze with your choice of milk and the barista will do the rest.

8. Iced White Zombie Mocha

This is an iced mocha drink that combines chocolate milk, vanilla, white chocolate, espresso, and ice. It has a decadent topping of whipped cream and drizzled mocha sauce.

There are two ways to order an iced white zombie mocha

  • with regular espresso. Has a bold flavor and slight bitterness
  • with white espresso or white coffee. Has a nutty flavor, more caffeine, and less acidity than regular coffee

9. Iced White Zombie Latte

Whether you order an iced white zombie latte with white coffee or regular espresso, you are guaranteed to get a refreshing and tasty iced latte that has your choice of milk, espresso, white chocolate sauce, vanilla syrup, and ice.

The other option is to order it blended as a white zombie Dutch freeze that we discussed above.

10. Iced White Zombie Chai

For chai lovers, nothing beats an iced white zombie chai with breve. You can add 1-2 espresso shots for an iced white zombie dirty chai latte.

You can also order it blended for a dessert-ish choice.

11. White Zombie Cold Brew

The white zombie cold brew is cold brew coffee with vanilla syrup, white chocolate sauce, and a splash of chocolate milk.

Cold brew has a bigger caffeine kick than an iced latte. It is also smoother than hot brewed coffee. If you are not a big fan of chocolate milk, you can replace it with a milk alternative that is to your fancy.

The white zombie cold brew is also available with unsweetened regular milk and sugar-free flavors.

Final Thoughts

A white zombie is any drink with vanilla syrup and white chocolate sauce. Dutch Bros also makes sugar-free white zombie drinks with sugar-free vanilla and sugar-free white chocolate.

The white zombie drinks at Dutch bros range from Dutch freeze, Dutch frost, latte, mocha, hot cocoa, chai, and cold brew.


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