7 Ways to Order Dutch Bros Snickers (Tips for 2022)

Did you know that Dutch Bros Coffee has a secret menu snickers flavor? The snickers flavor is available but not listed on the menu due to copyright issues.

This blog post explains the snickers flavor at Dutch Bros and lists five amazing snickers drinks that you should try.

What is Dutch Bros Snickers Flavor?

The snickers flavor at Dutch Bros is a blend of caramel, hazelnut, and dark chocolate. The sugar-free snickers flavor consists of sugar-free caramel, sugar-free hazelnut, and sugar-free dark chocolate sauce. The snickers flavor is available throughout the year.

The standard topping for snickers drinks is whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and chocolate drizzle.

Since the snickers flavor is not listed on the menu, you may have to state the flavors in the drink in some Dutch Bros stands as the new baristas may not understand your order if you just say that you want snickers mocha, for example.

DB uses its chocolate milk in the snickers drinks except for vegan and sugar-free snickers orders.

Best Snickers Drinks at Dutch Bros

1. Dutch Bros Snickers Mocha

One of the most delicious snickers drinks you can order is the Dutch Bros snickers mocha. It combines hazelnut, caramel, chocolate milk, and espresso. You can top it with soft top or whipped cream.

For a sugar-free snickers mocha, the barista uses sugar-free chocolate sauce and your choice of milk instead of the presweetened chocolate milk.

For a vegan snickers mocha, ask for plant milk and chocolate sauce instead of chocolate milk, and avoid whipped cream and soft top.

The DB snickers mocha can be ordered hot, blended, or iced.

2. Dutch Bros Snickers Chai Tea Latte

The delightful snickers chai has a rich chocolate taste and a caramel-y nutty edge with hints of warming spices. It is topped with whipped cream and cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkles.

You can wake up to a hot snickers chai latte to energize you for the rest of the day or go for a filling blended snickers chai tea latte later in the day.

Instead of ordering an iced option, order a cold-pour snickers chai for a bigger volume of refreshing goodness.

3. Snickers Double Mocha Dutch Freeze

The snickers double mocha Dutch freeze has two portions of dark chocolate flavor. It gets chocolate milk and chocolate sauce, hazelnut, caramel, espresso, and ice.

It has a deeper chocolate flavor than the regular snickers mocha freeze.

4. Snickers Hot Cocoa

Instead of ordering regular hot cocoa which is steamed chocolate milk that is topped with whipped cream and drizzled mocha sauce, add hazelnut and caramel flavors to the drink and caramel drizzle to the toppings for a decadent finish.

The snickers hot cocoa from Dutch Bros tastes like liquid snickers chocolate bar.

5. Dutch Bros Snickers Cold Brew

The best way to make snickers cold brew coffee is by adding caramel and hazelnut to the coffee and then splashing a dash of chocolate milk on the top.

Cold brew coffee does not need a lot of chocolate milk to cut it as it is smoother than regular coffee.

6. Snickers Dutch Frost

The snickers-flavored Dutch frost can be ordered for both kids and adults as it has no coffee. This milkshake combines ice cream mix, ice, hazelnut, milk chocolate, and caramel. These ingredients are blended and can be topped with whipped cream or soft top.

7. Snickers Hot Cocoa for Kids

This is a regular kid’s hot cocoa with hazelnut syrup and caramel. It’s served at kids’ temperature in a 10 oz cup. It has about 450 calories.

You can reduce about 120 calories by ordering the kids’ hot cocoa with sugar-free hazelnut and caramel.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros mimics the snickers chocolate bar flavor by mixing dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. The snickers flavor can be ordered in coffee and noncoffee drinks and can be iced, blended, or hot.

You can also order a mini snickers frost or hot cocoa for kids.


Patrick is first a coffee lover and then a trained barista. His bucket list includes sky diving and sipping on Java in the Himalayas.

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