19 Best Dutch Bros Lemonades

Choosing the drinks to order from Dutch Bros can be arduous especially when you are new to the menu. The coffee chain has probably the largest drinks menu around.

This article narrows down to the best lemonades at Dutch Bros to make it easy for you to choose and order delicious lemonades at your favorite store.

Dutch Bros uses water, ice, lemon concentrate with pure cane sugar, and flavored syrups to make its lemonades.

You can order these lemonades iced or blended. The predominant flavors in Dutch Bros lemonades are strawberry, raspberry, peach, passionfruit, and blackberry.

Calories in Blended Lemonades vs Iced Lemonades

Dutch Bros blended lemonades have nearly double the calories and sugar content of iced lemonades because they get more syrup than iced lemonades. For example, a medium cup of blended tiger’s blood lemonade gets three ounces of syrups and has 470 calories as compared to 240 calories in a medium cup of an iced tiger’s blood lemonade that gets one ounce of syrups.

There are a few ways to add some pizzazz to a Dutch Bros lemonade

  • ask for shine. This is edible glitter that is added to iced drinks with no milk at no charge. It is dairy-free and gluten-free and does not change the flavor of the drink. Dutch Bros shine is made with dextrose and has 1 gram of carbs per serving
  • add tropical fruit topping. This topping debuted in 2022 and is a mix of guava, passionfruit, mango, and orange. You can add it to any fruit drink
  • add green tea or energy drink to any lemonade to add some caffeine if you need some caffeine fix
  • order a sugar-free lemonade that is made with unsweetened lemon juice and the sugar-free flavors of your choice. The popular sugar-free flavors for lemonade include peach, vanilla, strawberry, and coconut. Every ounce of sugar-free syrup reduces 70-100 calories from your lemonade.

Best Lemonades at Dutch Bros

  1. Palm beach with fruit topping
  2. Palm tree
  3. Strawberry lemonade
  4. Tiger’s blood
  5. Hyperchrome
  6. Gem berry
  7. Palm beach green tea lemonade with drizzled mango
  8. Blue raspberry
  9. Aftershock lemonade
  10. Hawaiian
  11. Ray of sunshine
  12. Double Rainbro
  13. OG Gummybear lemonade
  14. Shark attack
  15. Galaxy fish
  16. Astronaut
  17. Peach lemonade
  18. Tropical lemonade
  19. Hyperchrome green tea

1. Palm Beach with Real Fruit Topping

Palm beach lemonade is made with ice, water, lemon concentrate, peach, and pomegranate syrup. Order it with a topping of real tropical fruits for a delicious finish.

The calories in palm beach lemonade are 190, 240, and 300 calories for a small, medium, and large cup respectively.

2. Palm Tree Lemonade

It’s a sweet and tarty mix of lime, ice, passion fruit syrup, and pomegranate syrup. A small palm tree lemonade has 200 calories.

3. Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is a classic across the world. It has an appealing, vibrant pink color. Dutch Bros strawberry lemonade is a mouthwatering mix of sweet strawberry syrup, ice, water, and lemon concentrate.

It has 180, 230, and 290 calories in small, medium, and large sizes respectively.

4. Tiger’s Blood Lemonade

Tiger’s blood lemonade is a sweet mix of coconut syrup, strawberry, lemon concentrate, ice, and water. The mix of strawberry and coconut syrups is darn tasty and excellent for summer.

A small tiger’s blood lemonade has 180 calories whereas a medium has 240 calories, and a large one has 290 calories.

5. Hyperchrome Lemonade

This lemonade has a refreshing tropical flavor that makes you want to sit by the serenity of the beach as you enjoy the drink. The hyperchrome lemonade is made with pomegranate, orange, and passionfruit flavors, lemon concentrate, and ice.

Most people order the hyperchrome with an energy drink so you may want to mention to the barista that you want lemonade with no energy drink.

6. Gem Berry Lemonade

The gem berry lemonade is a great drink for berry lovers as it combines blackberry and raspberry flavors with vanilla, lemon concentrate, and ice. The fusion of raspberry and blackberry tastes like tayberries.

Vanilla pairs excellently with both blackberry and raspberry. The lemon flavor accentuates the berry flavor. If you wish for a richer berry flavor, check out the aftershock lemonade below.

7. Palm Beach Green Tea Lemonade with Mango Drizzle

Green tea lemonade is credited with benefits such as improving your energy levels, boosting the immune system, and promoting brain health among others.

A palm beach lemonade that is cut with green tea is super delicious and a wonderful way to get some caffeine into your system. The mango drizzle increases the fruity flavor of the drink.

8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade with Tropical Fruit Topping

If you love delicious blue drinks, this is the drink for you. The sweet blue raspberry syrup cuts the tarty taste of lemonade and is cooled with ice and topped with real tropical fruits.

9. Aftershock Lemonade

The aftershock is a mixed berry lemonade that combines raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry with lime syrup and ice.

The aftershock lemonade is a mix of sweetness and tartiness that leans slightly to the tarty side of things.

10. Hawaiian

We recommend ordering it blended as it’s a different jam as compared to the iced version. The Hawaiian lemonade combines banana, peach, orange, and strawberry flavors with ice, and lemon concentrate.

It’s a tasty summer treat.

11. Ray of Sunshine

The ray of sunshine lemonade combines the sweet and invigorating flavors of ruby red grapefruit with the sweet and slightly sour blackberry and peach flavors. It also gets ice and Dutch Bros’ signature lemon flavor.

This is a popular beach drink for those dazzling moments.

12. Double Rainbro Lemonade

The double rainbro lemonade is a yummy mix of coconut, peach, and strawberry flavors with lemonade flavor and ice.

The Dutch rainbro started out as a secret rebel drink but it’s more delicious as a lemonade than a caffeinated rebel beverage.

13. OG Gummybear Lemonade

The OG gummy bear lemonade is a blast of sweetness and flavor. This yummy goodness has watermelon, grapefruit, passionfruit, and pomegranate flavors.

It tastes much better blended than iced.

14. Shark Attack Lemonade

Dutch Bros lemonade menu has its fair share of eccentric names including the shark attack. Some people call it the ocean attack lemonade.

It has coconut syrup, blue raspberry syrup, and lime syrup and is topped with drizzled pomegranate.

If you want the drink totally blue with no reddish accents, substitute the pomegranate drizzle with blue raspberry drizzle.

15. Galaxy Fish Lemonade

The galaxy fish lemonade is a fusion of passionfruit, strawberry, and lime.

16. Astronaut Lemonade

This lemonade is one of the favorites for berry lovers. It is infused with blackberry, raspberry, and almond flavors.

17. Peach Lemonade

Dutch Bros peach lemonade is a refreshing beverage with a crisp, sweet, and somewhat tart flavor. It is a simple but mouthwatering blend of peach syrup and lemon flavor.

The tarty lemon brightens the flavor of peach in this delicious summer drink.

18. Tropical Lemonade with Tropical Fruit Topping

What can be more fulfilling than enjoying some refreshing ice-cold tropical flavors on a sweltering day? Dutch Bros tropical lemonade blends the tropical flavors of coconut, blue raspberries, and passionfruit.

For a bigger tropical flavor, top the drink with Dutch Bros’ signature tropical fruit topping.

19. Hyperchrome Green Tea Lemonade (Extra Sweet)

We already know that green tea and lemon juice are a perfect match. Adding the hyperchrome flavors of pomegranate, orange, and passionfruit elevates this iced lemon tea into a refreshing fruity drink that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

When ordering this beverage, ask for an extra sweet hyperchrome green tea lemonade which means that the drink gets more liquid cane sugar.

Final Thoughts

The lemonade menu at Dutch Bros has a myriad of mouthwatering drinks to choose from. The predominant flavors in Dutch Bros lemonades include peach, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and passionfruit.

FAQs About Dutch Bros Lemonade Menu

Does Dutch Bros Lemonade Have Caffeine?

No, Dutch Bros lemonades have no caffeine unless you add tea or energy drink to them.

How Much is a Large Lemonade at Dutch Bros?

A large lemonade at Dutch Bros is $7.25-$8.50 depending on the location and the State you are ordering from. You are also likely to pay an upcharge for some customizations.

How Many Calories in Dutch Bros Lemonade?

Generally, a small Dutch Bros iced lemonade has 180-200 calories, a medium cup has 230-250 calories, and a large iced lemonade has 280-300 calories. Blended Dutch Bros lemonades have nearly twice the calories in iced lemonades.


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