11 Absolutely Delicious Dutch Bros Kids’ Drinks

Have you seen Dutch Bros kids’ cups? DB not only has the cutest kids’ cups but also an extensive menu of mouthwatering drinks for kids. You can choose from hot drinks, shakes, lemonades, smoothies, and soda.

All Dutch Bros kid’s drinks are served in 10 oz cups.

Let’s discuss the best kids’ drinks at Dutch Bros Coffee

  1. Strawberry smoothie
  2. Double rainbro Dutch frost
  3. Cookie Dutch frost
  4. Strawberry lemonade
  5. Palm beach lemonade
  6. Blue razz lemonade
  7. Freedom Dutch soda
  8. Peach ring soda
  9. Gem berry soda
  10. Kids hot cocoa
  11. Snickers hot cocoa

1. Strawberry Smoothie

Most kids love the bright reddish-pink color of strawberry smoothies. The fact that Dutch Bros strawberry smoothie is absolutely delicious also makes it a favorite for kids.

Dutch smoothies are dairy-free as they are made with ice and fruit puree as per the new recipes. A kids’ strawberry smoothie has 220 calories.

2. Double Rainbro Dutch Frost

How would you like to grab a rainbow in a cup for your child? Forget one rainbow, how about two rainbows in a cup?

Dutch Bros uses a special frost mix that is blended with peach, strawberry, and coconut syrups to make the mini double rainbro frost. This mini frost has 300 calories.

3. Mini Cookie Frost

The mini cookie shake from Dutch Bros is a special drink for kids who love chocolate ice cream. It combines frost mix, white chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate sauce.

You can keep the calories to a minimum by swapping regular sauces with sugar-free white and dark chocolate sauces. This sheds about 130 calories from the drink.

A regular mini cookie frost has about 310 calories.

4. Strawberry Lemonade

The love story between kids and lemonades is an open secret. Over the years, lemonade stands for kids have a become popular summer pastime across the United States.

Dutch Bros serves a delicious mini strawberry lemonade that blends strawberry syrup, ice, water, and lemon concentrate.

A mini lemonade with strawberry has 113 calories.

5. Blue Razz with Tropical Fruit Topping

The blue raspberry lemonade is a kids’ favorite for its bright blue color and sweet taste. The fruit topping gives the drinks a tropical twist. The topping consists of real orange, passionfruit, guava, and pineapple.

A mini blue raspberry lemonade has 115 calories.

6. Palm Beach Lemonade

The palm beach lemonade is the ultimate summer drink for kids and adults. It’s a mix of lemon concentrate, peach syrup, and pomegranate syrup.

The sweet peach syrup soothes the tarty pomegranate and lemon syrups to a deliciously balanced fruity flavor that is irresistible to kids.

7. Peach Ring Dutch Soda

Dutch Bros uses its own carbonated water which is sugar-free and caffeine-free to make Dutch soda. The peach ring Dutch soda combines sparkling soda water, white chocolate sauce, and passionfruit syrup and is topped with peach drizzle.

A kid’s size peach ring Dutch soda has about 130 calories.

Have a look at Dutch Bros sugar-free sodas and other drinks.

8. Freedom Dutch Soda

The freedom Dutch soda has a delicious berry flavor with notes of vanilla. It combines carbonated water, blue raspberry syrup, and vanilla syrup. It is drizzled with raspberry for a rich berry finish.

9. OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda

The rich fruity flavor of OG Gummy Bear mini soda comes from watermelon, grapefruit, passionfruit, and pomegranate syrups.

If you wish to further test your kid’s taste buds, add a splash of cream or chocolate milk and ask the barista to blend the drink. It tastes like a creamy fruit salad.

10. Kids’ Hot Cocoa

The mini hot cocoa is Dutch Bros’ signature hot drink for kids. Dutch Bros chocolate blend is steamed to 100°F and served in a cute kids’ cup and topped with whipped cream.

This drink has 330 calories.

11. Kids’ Snickers Hot Cocoa

Snickers hot cocoa for kids is a secret drink that combines chocolate milk, hazelnut, and caramel. Kids love it because it tastes like liquid snickers candy.

To order this drink, ask for kids’ hot cocoa snickers-style.

For a filling dessert-like drink, order a blended snickers-style cocoa for kids.


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