Dutch Bros Frost vs Freeze (Plus Their Best Flavors)

Can you differentiate Dutch frost from Dutch freeze? The fact that both Dutch frost and Dutch freeze drinks are blended confuses most Dutch Bros noobs.

This article explains the differences between the two lines of beverages and highlights the best Dutch frost drinks and the best Dutch freeze drinks.

What is the Difference Between Dutch Bros Frost and Freeze?

Dutch frost is a line of milkshakes with no coffee whereas Dutch freeze is a line of blended coffee drinks. Furthermore, Dutch frost drinks are made with a special ice cream mix whereas Dutch freeze drinks are mostly made with chocolate milk or breve.

Although the Dutch frost drinks have no coffee they may have traces of caffeine if they are flavored with dark chocolate or dark chocolate drizzle as dark chocolate is caffeinated.

Both Dutch frost and Dutch freeze are topped with whipped cream. Dutch frost beverages are perfect for kids and people who don’t like coffee.

Dutch Bros offers numerous flavors for the Dutch frost and Dutch freeze beverages. The Dutch frost flavors include nutty and fruity flavors whereas the flavors for the Dutch freeze are mainly nutty syrups that pair well with the classic flavors and coffee.

The fruity flavors for Dutch frost include strawberry, peach, watermelon, blue raspberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, lime, pomegranate, orange, kiwi, and passionfruit.

Both Dutch frost and Dutch freeze drinks share classic flavors such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, almond, coconut, chocolate macadamia nuts, and vanilla.

The table below highlights the differences between Dutch frost and Dutch freeze

Dutch FrostDutch Freeze
Type of Milk or SubstituteDutch Bros Ice Cream MixChocolate Milk or Breve
CaffeineNo, unless it has dark chocolateYes
Fruity FlavorsOver 10 fruity flavorsBanana only
Whipped Cream ToppingYesYes
Dutch frost vs Dutch freeze

5 Best Dutch Frost Drinks

1. Cotton Candy Dutch Frost

This decadent shake combines Dutch Bros’ special ice cream mix, blue raspberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, and ice. It gets whipped cream on the top.

The cotton candy Dutch frost is one of the most popular blended drinks at Dutch Bros.

2. Snickerdoodle Dutch Frost

We have tried snickerdoodle drinks from many coffee shops but nothing comes close to the snickerdoodle Dutch frost. Dutch Bros, unlike other coffee shops, adds chocolate macadamia nut syrup to its snickerdoodle.

The drink combines white chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nuts syrup, ice cream mix, and ice. It is topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar.

3. White Zombie Dutch Frost

Dutch Bros Coffee has a whole line of white zombie drinks that include the delectable white zombie Dutch frost.

This blended drink has ice, white chocolate, vanilla, and a liquid ice cream mix. It’s topped with whipped cream.

4. Birthday Cake Dutch Frost

Dutch Bros Coffee has a birthday cake flavor that combines almond roca syrup and white chocolate sauce. The drink gets colored sugar sprinkles on top of whipped cream to bring out the full birthday mood.

You can also order the birthday cake flavor with coffee as a hot or frozen drink

The birthday cake Dutch frost tastes like melted buttercrunch. People love it for their birthdays and other celebrations. Request extra sprinkles!

5. Bubblegum Dutch Frost

Wrapping up our list of the best Dutch frost drinks is the fruity bubblegum Dutch frost that combines strawberry, banana, and vanilla syrups with the special frost mix, and ice.

The blended drink is topped with whipped cream. The combination of vanilla, banana, and strawberry is one of the most popular combos for milkshakes for a good reason.

It is scrumptious and has a beautiful color with reddish-pink accents from strawberry.

5 Best Dutch Freeze Drinks

1. Cookie Dutch Freeze

If you could melt some cookies and infuse them with coffee, they would taste like the cookie Dutch freeze. This coffee indulgence has espresso, milk, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and white chocolate sauce.

It’s topped with whipped cream.

2. Cocomo Dutch Freeze

Cocomo stands for coconut, chocolate, and mocha. The cocomo Dutch freeze is a blended mocha (coffee and dark chocolate) drink with coconut syrup.

The chocolate is premixed with milk and blended with coconut syrup, espresso, and ice. The topping consists of whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

The coconut flavor gives this mocha drink a richer finish.

3. Cake Batter Dutch Freeze with Salted Caramel

The cake batter with salted caramel is a killer combo that you do not want to miss! Since the standard cake batter has almond Roca and white chocolate flavors only, be sure to mention that you would like to add salted caramel syrup.

For example, you can say, “Can I get a medium cake batter Dutch freeze with the salted caramel syrup?”

This drink gets whole milk, almond Roca, white chocolate sauce, salted caramel, espresso, and ice. These components are blended and topped with whipped cream.

4. Golden Eagle Dutch Freeze

Imagine melting delicious vanilla caramels and adding espresso to them! Most likely they would taste like the golden eagle Dutch freeze.

The golden eagle Dutch freeze is a creamy drink that is made with half and half, caramel, vanilla, and espresso. It is topped with whipped cream and drizzled caramel.

It’s one of the best drinks from Dutch Bros.

5. Tuxedo Dutch Freeze

This drink combines white chocolate sauce and dark chocolate sauce hence the name Tuxedo. The sweet and milky white mocha complements the bittersweet dark chocolate perfectly.

The tuxedo dutch freeze gets espresso, chocolate milk, white mocha sauce, and ice. It is topped with whipped cream.

Final Thoughts

Dutch frost drinks are essentially milkshakes with no coffee, unlike Dutch freeze drinks which are blended coffee drinks. Dutch Bros uses its special ice cream mix or frost mix in Dutch frost drinks whereas the Dutch freeze drinks are mostly made with chocolate milk, breve, or whole milk.

The best Dutch frost flavors are white zombie, birthday cake, cotton candy, bubblegum, and snickerdoodle.

The best Dutch freeze flavors are caramelizer, cookie, tuxedo, golden eagle, and cake butter with salted caramel.


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