13 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Drinks (Including Secret Menu)

Dunkin frozen drinks

Dunkin’ frozen drinks are blended beverages that are comparable to frappes and Starbucks frappuccinos. Dunkin Donuts has four main types of frozen drinks that you can elevate by adding your choice of milk and flavor combo

  • frozen coffee. It is made with Dunkin’ frozen coffee syrup, liquid sugar, ice, and cream
  • frozen chocolate. Frozen chocolate gets cocoa powder, mocha swirl, ice, milk, and liquid sugar
  • frozen matcha latte. It gets presweetened matcha powder, milk, and ice
  • coolatta. A coolatta is made with flavored coolatta syrup, sugar, and ice. Some coolattas such as vanilla bean cream have milk in them.

Dunkin’ makes frozen beverages using a special blender known as the Island Oasis blender. The barista manually adds the syrups and cream or milk to a blender jug and places it in the machine.

The Island Oasis blender shaves ice and mixes it with water and liquid sugar and adds the corresponding amount of the mixture as per the size of the cup before blending. The machine has a handy “no sugar” button for frozen drink orders with no sugar. Liquid sugar helps to texture the drink during blending.

Coolattas and frozen coffee are by far the most popular blended drinks from Dunkin’.

Let’s discuss the best frozen drinks from Dunkin Donuts.

  1. Caramel frozen coffee
  2. Mocha frozen coffee
  3. Coconut frozen coffee
  4. Pumpkin frozen coffee
  5. Blue raspberry vanilla bean coolatta
  6. Vanilla bean strawberry coolatta
  7. Hazelnut pumpkin spice coolatta
  8. Mocha strawberry coolatta
  9. Oat milk frozen matcha latte with blueberry and vanilla bean
  10. Coconut milk frozen matcha with toasted almond and blueberry
  11. Caramel frozen chocolate
  12. Vanilla bean frozen chocolate
  13. Peanut butter frozen chocolate

1. Caramel Frozen Coffee

Dunkin’ caramel frozen coffee is a popular indulgence that combines special coffee syrup, liquid sugar, cream, ice, and caramel flavor swirl. It is topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

If you do not want a lot of sugar in it, order it without liquid sugar. In any case, the caramel flavor swirl is sweet.

Dunkin frozen coffee is similar to a caramel frappe.

2. Mocha Frozen Coffee

The mocha frozen coffee is the closest you can get to mimicking the discontinued frozen coffee coolatta. This drink gets cream, coffee syrup, mocha swirl, ice, and liquid sugar. Its topping consists of whipped cream and mocha swirl.

It has a delicious chocolatey flavor

3. Coconut Frozen Coffee

It is delicious frozen coffee with sugar-free coconut flavor shots. If you want to scale back the sugar in frozen coffee, replace liquid sugar with Stevia.

How to order: Ask for a medium frozen coffee with coconut flavor shots and Stevia instead of liquid sugar.

4. Pumpkin Frozen Coffee

Dunkin’ pumpkin spice swirl is delicious in iced and frozen drinks. It is available in the fall season, so pumpkin frozen coffee is one of the fall drinks to look out for.

It has mouthwatering creamy and pumpkiny notes.

5. Blue Raspberry Vanilla Bean Coolatta with Cream

The standard blue raspberry coolatta is popular, especially with kids but adding cream and vanilla bean swirl to it makes it stand out.

We recommend adding one more pump of vanilla swirl than the pumps of blue raspberry. For example, ask for a medium blue raspberry coolatta with cream and three pumps of vanilla flavor swirl, and two pumps of blue raspberry.

If you don’t like cream or milk in coolatta, simply order a regular blue raspberry coolatta with vanilla bean swirl. It tastes like cotton candy.

6. Vanilla Bean Strawberry Coolatta with Cream

This is a spectacular twist to the standard vanilla bean coolatta. Ask for a coolatta with half vanilla bean swirl and half strawberry swirl, and cream instead of milk. Top it with whipped cream.

Vanilla bean strawberry coolatta tastes like frozen strawberry milk.

7. Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice Coolatta with Oat Milk

This is an autumnal special with a nutty edge from oat milk and unsweetened hazelnut flavor shots.

To order this fall beverage, simply ask for a medium or large pumpkin spice coolatta with oat milk and sugar-free hazelnut flavor.

See other superb flavor shots and swirl pairings.

8. Mocha Strawberry Coolatta

Mocha strawberry coolatta tastes like chocolate-coated strawberries. It is a strawberry coolatta with half strawberry and half mocha flavor swirls.

Here is a complete guide to the best Coolatta Drinks.

9. Oat Milk Frozen Matcha Latte with Blueberry and Vanilla Bean

Dunkin’ matcha powder is presweetened so since you are adding vanilla bean swirl, avoid asking for liquid sugar in it. Blueberry is sugar-free.

How to order. If you want a medium size, ask for a medium frozen matcha latte with oat milk, blueberry shots, and vanilla bean flavor swirl. Since this is a medium cup, the number of pumps defaults to three pumps of blueberry and three pumps of vanilla bean syrup.

10. Coconut Milk Frozen Matcha Latte with Toasted Almond and Blueberry

This is an excellent choice when you don’t want a super sweet drink. Blueberry and toasted almond flavors are both sugar-free and unsweetened.

To order it, ask for any cup size of a frozen matcha latte with coconut milk and shots of blueberry and toasted almond flavors.

11. Caramel Frozen Chocolate

You hardly ever go wrong with Dunkin’s caramel flavor in any drink. Caramel and chocolate pair perfectly and bring out the taste of chocolate caramels.

Ask for a topping of whipped cream and drizzled caramel and mocha swirls.

12. Vanilla Bean Frozen Chocolate

Dunkin’ vanilla bean swirl is much richer than both vanilla and French vanilla swirls. It is also not as sweet as the latter two.

Vanilla bean frozen chocolate tastes like liquid vanilla chocolate ice cream.

13. Peanut Butter Frozen Chocolate

Unfortunately, this special frozen drink is only available for a limited time during Halloween. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a satisfying flavor with a balanced sweetness.

Final Thoughts

Dunkin’ frozen drinks menu has four types of frozen drinks: frozen coffee, coolatta, frozen matcha latte, and frozen chocolate. These beverages can be made with different flavors.

FAQs About Dunkin’ Frozen Drinks

Is coolatta a slushie?

Yes, coolatta is a slushie as it’s sweet, fruit flavored, and blended with ice. Some coolatta drinks may have milk or cream, unlike your typical slushies.

Is frozen coffee the same as coolatta?

No, frozen coffee is different from coolatta. Frozen coffee has coffee in it whereas coolatta has no coffee. Dunkin’ discontinued the frozen coffee coolatta which was an indulgent blend of coolatta coffee syrup, liquid sugar, mocha swirl, and shaved ice.


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