7 Dunkin’ Flavor Shots in 2022 (Explained)

Dunkin flavor shots

Have you ever wondered why Dunkin’ Donuts is so popular with people who like sugar-free or low-calorie drinks? Read through this article as we reveal why the flavor shots at Dunkin are the main reason for this.

The biggest challenge when ordering low-calorie drinks in coffee shops is that most coffee shops lack variety when it comes to sugar-free syrups.

Oftentimes, your best chance at lowering the calories in your favorite drink is by reducing the pumps of the sweetened flavors. Consequently, the drink ends up with only a hint of your desired flavor.

Fortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts has several sugar-free flavors for hot and cold drinks.

This article explains Dunkin’ sugar-free flavors, the best flavor shot combinations, and key tips when ordering flavor shots.

What are Dunkin’ Flavor Shots?

Dunkin’ donuts flavor shots are unsweetened, sugar-free flavor extracts that you can add to hot and cold beverages. The flavor shots add flavor without sweetening the drinks. The flavor shots include vanilla, coconut, blueberry, raspberry, toasted almonds, mocha, and hazelnut.

Let’s look at all the flavor shots from Dunkin’ Donuts in detail.

1. Coconut Flavor Shot

Dunkin’s coconut shot is one of the best flavors you can add to coffee. It combines well with hot and cold drinks. The flavor pairs superbly with nut milk in iced drinks. So consider pairing coconut shot with oat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk when ordering Dunkin’ iced coffee.

2. Toasted Almond Flavor Shot

The toasted almond flavor shot is deliciously nutty. I prefer pairing it with mocha swirl and oat milk to accentuate its flavor.

3. Blueberry Flavor Shot

Dunkin’s blueberry flavor shot is hands down their best shot with a fruity flavor. The blueberry shot is excellent in both hot and cold drinks. It pairs superbly with caramel, coconut, vanilla, or raspberry.

4. Vanilla Shot

What’s a coffee shop without vanilla? The Dunkin’ vanilla shot is a concentrated extract that is nothing like vanilla syrup. See the differences between vanilla extract and vanilla syrup.

Vanilla is superb in all drinks, especially when combined with other flavor shots and swirls.

Most regulars at Dunkin’ mistake the vanilla shot with the French vanilla shot that Dunkin’ offered until a few years back. Unfortunately, Dunkin quietly replaced the French vanilla flavor shot with the vanilla flavor shot.

For the avoidance of doubt, French vanilla is only available as a swirl at Dunkin’ Donuts. However, we will reveal a secret way to order the discontinued French vanilla flavor shot from the shots available at Dunkin’.

5. Hazelnut Flavor Shot

The hazelnut shot adds earthy notes to Dunkin’ drinks. The best way to add a hazelnut flavor shot is by combining it with a caramel swirl or pumpkin spice. It pairs well with nut milk.

6. Mocha Shot

The mocha flavor shot is a seasonal flavor. It is unsweetened dark chocolate. It has a rich chocolate taste. Since mocha and coffee have natural bitterness, we recommend pairing mocha shot with Stevia or French vanilla swirl.

7. Raspberry

Dunkin’s raspberry flavor shot is not great on its own but is delicious when combined with other flavors. It has a repulsive artificial taste.

Raspberry is delicious when combined with blueberry flavor shots in iced drinks.

What are the Ingredients in Dunkin’ Flavor Shots?

The ingredients in Dunkin flavor shots are glycerin, artificial and natural flavors, water, glycol, propylene, and caramel color. [Source]

Dunkin’ Flavor Shots vs Flavor Swirls

The main difference between flavor shots and flavor swirls is that flavor shots are sugar-free, unsweetened, and non-dairy whereas flavor swirls have dairy and are sweetened. All flavor swirls except mocha have sweetened condensed milk in them.

Each pump of flavor shot adds about three calories as compared to about 53 calories in a pump of Dunkin’ flavor swirl.

Fortunately, Dunkin’ does not use synthetic dyes or synthetic sweeteners in its flavor shots and swirls.

See all the flavor swirls from Dunkin’

Best Dunkin’ Flavor Shot Combinations

Most Dunkin’ flavor shots are great on their own. However, you can elevate individual flavor shots by complementing them with other shots.

The best flavor shot combos are

  • Berry berry. This is a combination of raspberry and blueberry. The berry berry flavor shot is superb in iced coffee drinks and ice green tea
  • French vanilla shot. Since Dunkin’ no longer has an individual French vanilla shot, you can get the same flavor by combining hazelnut and vanilla flavor shots
  • Hazelnut, vanilla, and coconut. It tastes like French vanilla with coconut
  • Blueberry and vanilla. Vanilla accentuates the taste of blueberry
  • Coconut and toasted almond. This blend has a rich nuttiness
  • Toasted almond and hazelnut shots
  • Vanilla and mocha shot. Tastes like unsweetened vanilla chocolate
  • Vanilla and coconut

How to Order Dunkin’ Flavor Shots like a Pro

1. Say “Sugar-Free or Unsweetened”

The biggest confusion when ordering drinks at Dunkin’ comes from the fact that some flavors are available as both shots (unsweetened) and swirls (sweetened). For example, vanilla shot and vanilla swirl, hazelnut shot and hazelnut swirl, and mocha shot and mocha swirl.

To avoid being served the wrong drink, use the words “Unsweetened or Sugar-free” when ordering flavor shots. That way, the barista will not serve you a flavor swirl instead of a flavor shot. For example, “Can I get a medium latte with sugar-free vanilla shots?”

2. Pair with a Sweetener

Since Dunkin’ flavor shots are not sweet, you may want to pair them with a sweetener to accentuate their flavors. Stevia is an excellent pairing for the flavor shots. Liquid cane sugar pairs well with flavor shots in iced drinks.

If you do not mind adding a few calories to your drink, pair the flavor shots with flavor swirls to get the best of both worlds.

3. Stop Ordering French Vanilla Shot

Finally, stop ordering French vanilla flavor shot as it was long discontinued. Instead, order hazelnut and vanilla flavor shots to get the same flavor. When you order a French vanilla shot in your drink, the baristas usually assume that you meant French vanilla swirl because they no longer have the French vanilla flavor shot.

Final Thoughts

Dunkin’ Flavor shots are sugar-free, unsweetened flavor extracts that add minimal calories to a drink. One pump of a flavor shot has approximately 3 calories.

Flavor shots are best ordered with a sweetener or a swirl to bring out the shots’ flavors.

FAQs About Dunkin Flavor Shots

Does Dunkin’ Charge for Extra Swirls and Shots?

Yes, Dunkin’ charges between $0.10 to $0.40 for each additional pump of flavor swirl or shot, depending on the store.

For example, when you order a medium drink with five pumps of caramel swirl, they charge you an extra $0.8 (0.4 × 2) for the two additional pumps because by default a medium-sized drink gets three pumps.


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