19 Best Dunkin Flavor Shots and Swirl Combos

how to combine flavor shots and swirls at Dunkin'

The beauty of Dunkin’ flavors (shots and swirls) is that you can combine them to enhance the overall flavor and sweetness of your drink. The combos also help to control the calorie content of a drink.

When ordering a flavor shot and swirl combo follow this sequence. Size of the drink, name of the drink, type of milk, name of the shot, name of the swirl, and finally add other customizations such as the type of topping.

You do not need to state the number of pumps of each flavor unless you want fewer or more pumps than standard.

For example, you can say, “Can I have a large iced latte with oat milk, sugar-free hazelnut shots, and caramel swirl?”

We recommend stirring the drinks to mix the flavors because they tend to settle at the bottom of the cup.

This blog post covers the best flavor shots and flavor swirl combos for hot and cold drinks.

Best Dunkin’ Shot and Swirl Combo for Iced Coffee

1. Coconut Shot and Caramel Swirl

This combo tastes like girl scout cookies. It adds a sweet, buttery, and creamy taste with coconut undertones.

The combo pairs well with cream or nut milk.

2. Blueberry Shot and Caramel Swirl

The blueberry shot and caramel swirl combo rekindles the memories of the delicious blueberry crisp latte which was discontinued by Dunkin’.

You may want to get fewer blueberry pumps than caramel to avoid the fruity flavor overpowering the caramel flavor.

3. Raspberry Shot and Mocha Swirl

It tastes like raspberries covered in chocolate. Raspberry shots are horrible on their own but the mocha flavor swirl brings out a delicious edge from raspberry.

4. Toasted Almond Shot and Vanilla Swirl

This combo tastes like candied almonds. It is available all year round.

5. Coconut Shot and Butter Pecan Swirl

This is an amazing summer combo with a delicious nutty edge. You can have it with oat milk, almond, or coconut milk.

6. Blueberry Shot and Vanilla Bean Swirl

This is one of my favorite combos. The sweet vanilla bean swirl has earthy and floral undertones that accentuate the delightful flavor of blueberries.

7. Hazelnut Shot and Pumpkin Spice Swirl

The nutty notes of hazelnut complement the warming flavors in pumpkin spice to make a superb fall combo. Try it with oat milk.

8. Blueberry Shot, Raspberry Shot, and Vanilla Swirl

This is an amazing combo, especially in cold coffee drinks for summer.

9. Coconut Shot with Mocha Swirl and Caramel Swirl

This mouthwatering combo tastes like Samoas.

10. Vanilla Shot and Pumpkin Spice Swirl

Dunkin’ vanilla shot adds authentic earthy undertones to the autumnal spices of pumpkin spice for a delectable combo that you can to cold coffee drinks including cold brew.

Best Flavor Shots and Swirl Combo for Hot Coffee

Generally, hot drinks tend to bring out the flavor of Dunkin’ shots a bit better than cold drinks.

11. Coconut Shot and Vanilla Bean Swirl

Coconut tastes great in everything. Vanilla bean swirl is not super sweet like some of the swirls in Dunkin’. The two flavors pair well with any type of milk.

12. Raspberry Shot and Vanilla Bean Swirl

The combination of raspberry shot and vanilla bean swirl and cream in hot coffee drinks tastes almost like white chocolate.

13. Coconut Shot and French Vanilla Swirl

This pairing tastes like coconut-flavored French vanilla ice cream.

14. Blueberry Shot and French Vanilla Swirl

The pairing of blueberry shot and French vanilla swirl tastes like blueberry cream.

15. Mocha Shot and Vanilla Bean Swirl

The traditional sugar-free mocha combines with vanilla bean syrup for a delicious taste of chocolate vanilla.

16. Hazelnut Shot and Mocha Swirl

The combo of hazelnut shots with mocha swirls and oat milk tastes like liquid Nutella

17. Toasted Almond Shot and Caramel Swirl

This combo tastes like butter pecan. It’s an amazing way to mimic the flavor of butter pecan swirl when it is out of season.

18. Toasted Almond Shot and Mocha Swirl

Mocha swirl blends with the toasted almond flavor shots to bring out the taste of chocolate-covered almonds.

19. Coconut Shot and Peppermint Mocha

The seasonal combo of coconut shot and peppermint mocha swirl is an excellent pairing in hot drinks to stay warm during the holiday season.


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