10 Delightful Dunkin’ Coolatta Flavors (Including Combos)

Dunkin' coolatta flavors

A coolatta at Dunkin’ Donuts is a blended drink that combines a flavored coolatta base syrup, shaved ice, liquid cane sugar, and sometimes milk depending on the coolatta flavor.

The coolatta flavors at Dunkin are continuously overhauled to freshen the menu and introduce new exciting flavors.

Currently, the three main coolatta base syrups are strawberry, vanilla bean, and blue raspberry. However, there are ingenious ways of combining flavors to create mouthwatering coolatta drinks.

The discontinued coolatta flavors include frozen coffee coolatta, watermelon, and cosmic among others.

Here are the best coolatta flavors from Dunkin Donuts.

  • Vanilla bean blue raspberry coolatta
  • Strawberry vanilla bean coolatta
  • Strawberry blue raspberry coolatta
  • Pumpkin vanilla bean coolatta
  • Coconut vanilla bean coolatta
  • Strawberry coolatta with vanilla bean and blue raspberry
  • Nutty pumpkin spice coolatta
  • Strawberry coolatta
  • Vanilla bean coolatta
  • Blue Raspberry coolatta

1. Vanilla Bean Blue Raspberry Coolatta

There are two ways to enjoy this drink.

  • order it with no milk or cream but with more pumps of vanilla bean syrup than blue raspberry. For example, two pumps of vanilla bean and one pump of blue raspberry for a medium coolatta or
  • order it with cream and equal pumps of vanilla bean and blue raspberry

The first option has a bigger fruity flavor whereas the second option has a richer, creamier finish.

2. Strawberry Blue Raspberry Coolatta

It’s a delicious mix of fruity flavors with no milk or cream. It is made by blending a mixture of strawberry syrup, blue raspberry syrup, ice, and liquid sugar.

It has a magnificent purple color.

How to order. Ask for a medium or large coolatta with strawberry and blue raspberry syrups.

3. Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Bean Coolatta

Vanilla bean is the ultimate coolatta flavor. It has a way of accentuating other flavors in coolatta. One of the best ways to add an autumnal twist to your favorite vanilla bean coolatta is by adding pumpkin spice to it.

How to order. Ask for your favorite cup of vanilla bean coolatta with pumpkin spice flavor swirl and topped with whipped cream, drizzled pumpkin, and cinnamon sugar.

4. Coconut Vanilla Bean Coolatta

It’s a delectable blend of vanilla bean, unsweetened coconut flavor, cream, sugar, and ice. Coconut adds a tropical twist that is a must-try for slushie lovers.

How to order. Ask for a vanilla bean coolatta with sugar-free coconut flavor.

5. Strawberry Coolatta with Vanilla Bean and Blue Raspberry

This is a delicious mashup of three coolatta flavors. It tastes like fruit roll-ups. We recommend ordering this drink without milk or cream.

For the syrups, use a ratio of 2:1:1 for vanilla, strawberry, and blue raspberry respectively. For example, for a large cup that gets a total of four pumps, order two pumps of vanilla bean and a single pump for both strawberry and blue raspberry.

How to order. “Can I have a large coolatta with two pumps of vanilla bean, one pump of strawberry, and one pump of blue raspberry with no milk?”

6. Nutty Pumpkin Spice Coolatta

It’s a must-order fall drink that combines hazelnut shots, pumpkin spice swirl, milk, ice, and sugar. It is topped with whipped cream, pumpkin spice swirl, and cinnamon sugar. The nutty pumpkin spice coolatta is a secret menu drink. It’s easy and straightforward to order because it does not have a lot of ingredients.

How to order. Ask for a large or medium cup of pumpkin spice coolatta with milk and hazelnut flavor shots. Request drizzled pumpkin spice and cinnamon sugar sprinkles on the whipped cream topping.

7. Strawberry Vanilla Bean Coolatta

It tastes like a strawberry vanilla milkshake. Ask for a vanilla bean coolatta with strawberry syrup and cream instead of milk.

8. Strawberry Coolatta

This is a core drink on the Dunkin’ frozen beverages menu that is made with strawberry base syrup, shaved ice, and sugar. The three ingredients are blended together and served with no topping.

It is a mouthwatering drink that is popular with kids and strawberry lovers.

9. Vanilla Bean Coolatta

Did you know that vanilla is actually a fruit? Well, vanilla is a fruit from orchid plants. Dunkin blends the rich vanilla bean syrup with milk, ice, and sugar to make a vanilla bean coolatta which is topped with whipped cream.

Vanilla bean coolatta tastes like a vanilla popsicle or vanilla milkshake. Vanilla bean is an underrated coolatta flavor at Dunkin’ Donuts. You can mix it with any flavor to accentuate it.

10. Blue Raspberry Coolatta

The bold blue color of this drink makes it a favorite for ice pop lovers and kids. Blue raspberry coolatta tastes like a liquid ice pop.

It is a polarizing drink with a good number of customers swearing by it. However, you may want to mix it with vanilla bean or strawberry when trying it for the first time. Still, some people relish this flavor by itself.

Final Thoughts

Coolattas are part of Dunkin’ frozen drinks menu. Currently, the coffee chain has three main base syrups for coolatta: strawberry, vanilla bean, and blue raspberry. However, you can create new decadent flavors by combining syrups and shots in coolatta.


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